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Dieu du sexe

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In finem in die, non solum responsible pro victoria et defectum. Ocius et scias te accipere et integrare in libro Ethicorum, et tincidunt eu. Donec te culpant alios ex causa quia non quo vis, te semper esse defectum.>

➊ name? theodore roland alder
se subicit alnus
➋ age? 18
➌ looks? face claim is the future australian kings of pop, troye sivan
beatum regem

➍ wand? vinewood, unicorn hair core, 11 ¾ inch length, unyielding flexibility.
vite regendos
➎ patronus? has never been able to produce one.
non mysterium
➏ personality? calm, strange, cocky, and very gay.
hominem bonum,

➐ sexuality? guess.
meum ad
➑ status? taken by augustus lordieles.
amor vitae
➒ likes? roses, lemons, lights, shadows, the ocean, cream colors, lightning, the color silver, the moon, pianos.
parva res
➓ dislikes? fake people, people who want my pity, people who don’t like me (duh) just people in general really.


augustus and me-

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Mihi opus est tibi
Dic descendit ante
Te mihi proponis
Ut vix tenere manu, si nunc
Amen dico ut vos
Take a secunda, puer, slow illud
Scire debes mihi, ut sciam te, et florebit quasi lilium


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