: Belle Marguerite ;

Classy ;)

The unvierse is in your eyes, but do you dare to step out into a galaxy full of stars?To shine as they do? To know that you are as bright as them?

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•°•°• Belle Marguerite

•°•°• 17 years old

•°•°• I'm lesbian!

•°•°• Status? Single and staying that way

•°•°• Nicknames -
B, Bebe ~ Willow and Violet
El ~ Rey (Grey)
Elle ~ Sammy ( Samantha )

•°•°• My attitude depends on you really. There isn't much to say about me, i can be sweet like an angel or evil like a demon. Honestly do you really want to come on here and be an ass? Probably. Some people would do that. Anyways, hurt me, i hurt you. Simple as can be

•°•°• What are you still doing here? Seriously get a life! There isn't much about me that you'd like to know, goodbye wall stalker!


•°•°• Barbara Emely


•°•°• Violet and I

Violet you are an amazing best friend! You are like my sister, you mean the world to me and I am so happy to have you in my life!


•°•°• Willow and I because this bitch deserves to be here

animated dice

Hello Wills! What's up? Well anywaysssss you made it onto my wall! Yay! Anyways, you are beautiful, smart, funny and amazing! You are the most amazing friend that I could ever ask for and I'm lucky to have you


•°•°• Grey and I

animated dice

Hello Rey, how are you? Good? Great! Well, you are a fun and amazing dude! Even though we only talked for a little bit i already like you! Honestly, you would be and are an amazing friend. Thanks for being here

Rp rules because some people don't understand

----> No godmoding <----
----> No asterisks <----
----> For the love of everything don't fucking play my character <----
----> Good grammar <----
----> I don't mind romance but that doesn't mean you're dating Belle unless you asked her out outside of rp <----
----> More than three lines <----
----> If I don't reply the RP got boring or i stopped responding because you didn't follow the rules <---

Have a good day

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