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a real bitch

well that wasnt very cash money of you

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do whatever the fuck you want just don't hurt people

house: slytherin

backstory: one of the richest families in Hogwarts, parents are very powerful in the wizarding world and Elidi takes advantage of her parent's power, but she doesn't like it when their racist and act above themselves. She has many friends at hog warts and is usually seen with them or by herself wandering the corridors. Likes to make friends and stick up for them if they are being bullied if some sort lmao.

full name: Elidi Marigold Foxe

likes: musicals, nice people, puns, vibrant hair colors, friends, running, painting

dislikes: r00d people, racists, people who are full on themselves,

sexuality: bisexual

Patronus: a giant peacock

hogwarts house: slytherin

Wand: holly, with Phoenix tail feather, flexible 12.75 inches

Sibling: Jordon Marcus Foxe (one year older than me)

Height: 5’5 (in sixth year)

Style: sorta follows trends but lOVES red shoes (just like me irl <3)

Good traits: creative, trustworthy, positive, energetic, romantic

Bad traits: dramatic, sensitive, snob, won’t eat,
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