Alexandra Evergreen


" To weird to live , To rare to Die"

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Name: Alexandra Evergreen

Gender: Female

Age: 17

House: Slytherin

Species: Human/Animagus

Status: Alive

Nicknames: Alex (By friends) Or Al (by most others) hates it when people use her full name.

Hair: Black and Mid length, falling down to her shoulders, usally worn down, or in a loose and messy ponytail.  

Eyes: Mismatched with one green and one a soft light Gray in colour.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5,7

Build: Is slim, but tall and strong at the same time.

Dislikes: Potions, frogs, dementor’s, The malfoys.

Scars: One small one, in a short diagonal line on the back of her neck, and another, running from her shoulder and right down her back.

Strengths: Is good at dueling, and has a knack for being able to avoid trouble.

Weaknesses: Has a hot temper, that she tends to loose control of if provoked, struggles to remember things when under pressure sometimes. Has a severe reasction when the dementors are near her.

Hobbies: Loves to spend hours in the library reading, likes going for long walks in the grounds, or going to Hogsmeade to meet up with others.

Fears: That she will lose the people she loves, or something bad will happen as a result of her.

Weapons: Tends to usally use her wand, but is talented with a knife as well.

Mental Disorders: Anxiety

Abilities: Is an Animagus and has the ability to transform into her chosen animal form when needed.

Tattoos: Has a small snake curling on her wrist

Piercings: Has four piercings in each ear, usally wears simple studs in each one, unless it is a special occasion.

Date of birth: 18th of September


Father: Anthony Evergreen (Alive)

Mother: Ariana Evergreen (Alive)

Brother: Nathaniel Evergreen (Deceased)

Sister: Sophia (Alive)


Love interest: (Depends on Rp)

Personality: Is a very kind but quiet soul, who cares a lot for others and tends to put them before herself. Tends to be by herself a lot, but is always the one to try and make friends first.

Backstory: Was born to her parents, who were both a witch and wizard, was raised with them in muggle London with her brother who at the time was 19, until she was 4 and then her sister came along. Things got busier, and a lot tougher. Her parents were both employed as healers in Saint Mungos. Her father became a well known and famous healer, having discovered a famous antidote. Then when she was 11 tragedy struck. Her brother was killed one day, when getting involved in a duel that turned fatal. Her parents were heartbroken, they had loved him, and he had been the heart of the family. Almost a month later, she was sent of to Hogwarts. Her parents always were so busy working, she spends all her time and holidays at Hogwarts aside from the summer ones. It was very hard to make friends. She was teased greatly and avoided, because of her fathers high ranking job, and how famous he was. Also due to the fact the publicity after her brother’s fatal duel, had set a bit of a rumour around the family, lots of family’s stating there were “Ones to be avoided” So Alexandra spent most of her years at Hogwarts alone so far, either in the library or walking the grounds of Hogwarts. Until her sister joined her at Hogwarts a few years later.

Outfit: usally wears her Hogwarts robes, if she’s not then she wears a simple t-shirt or hoodie, and black jeans and trainers.

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