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Being sorted was one of the most exciting...and scary moments of my life...thoughts rushing through my mind as the sorting hat took its time deciding what to put me in and in the end, the sorting hat decided on Gryffindor. Gryffindor? for a pure-blood like me? My family would be outraged when they find out that I wasn't in Slytherin due to our family name being known as loyal supporters to You-know-who! Being pure-blooded hasn't changed anything since the downfall of You-know-who, though I wish I was alive during the era where he rained to try and help save people, maybe even help cause the downfall of him..though I am admittedly not the best at dueling. I would even go as far as saying dueling is my great weakness, I get all antsy and frightened when forced to duel because I am scared that I'll lose. Though it's not all bad as my greatest strength, I would say at least, is healing ironically, so I would say they cancel out. Since I enjoy healing so much and I would like to become a Healer, and I think its an important part of magic. Nearly as important and fascinating as transfiguration, charms, potions, and divination. I admit that divination isn't as important as the other three, but I still find it extremely interesting! I own a black cat named Jet, and he is 4 years old. He is a hyperactive little cat, and acts as if he is still a kitten! Which can be a blessing and a curse, as on multiple occasions I have almost lost him.
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