Cedar Firethorn

Magizoologist, Student

"I like loyal people and those who stand for what is right, if you're a Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Gryffindor." - Cedar Firethorn

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My name is Cedar Firethorn. The Firethorns were a family known for their healing magic and defensive spells. We've always held our secrets close to our hearts and never let them go.

I was lucky to be part of the main family of Firethorns, which means our line only married other Firethorns or a child of two purebloods. I have a twin name Cretan and he's older than me by a minute. My parents started our education at a young age, giving us a big advantage over the rest of our peers when we were young. We learn a few healing spells and a few defensive ones like protego, protego totalum, and the art of occlumency.

We lived in Norway when a strange plague swept through our area, it claimed the lives of my parents, Castanea, and Cornus. That left only me and my twin. We were only nine at the time so the nearest relative, an aunt who lived alone in Northumberland . but was close to us, took us in. For six months we stayed with her, keeping her house while she was away and looking for jobs in our spare time, until we found jobs as assistants to a Magizoologist and Herbologist. My brother got the Herbologist and I the Magizoologist. They were very nice and taught us a lot of what we know now.

When we reached eleven, our aunt enrolled us into Hogwarts. She got us a baby snowy owl that we named Cirsium. When we got to Hogwarts, I was sorted into Hufflepuff and Cretan was sorted into Ravenclaw.


Hair color: Black
Eye color: Amber
Height: 4"9
Likes: Plants, pets, pranks, schemes, Cretan, and anyone loyal
Dislikes: Traitors, blueberries, almonds, and raspberry punch
Wand: Red Oak, Phoenix feather core, 12 and a half inches (I’m not kidding, this is legit what I got on Pottermore and I have no imagination so I’ll just use that)
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