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My name is Venus Labyrinth, a first year student at Hogwarts. I was sorted by the sorting hat to the Slytherin house. It's not a surprise though, my mother was a Slytherin in her Hogwarts days. My father was a Ravenclaw. I'd say, the sorting hat took a rough time deciding which house should I be in, Slytherin or Ravenclaw, but either way is fine.

I am a pureblood witch, my parents and ancestors were pure witches and wizards. I don't quite believe that purebloods are only for purebloods, and muggles are only for muggles. I think it's an amazing and magical world of magic and everyone gifted with magic must be in harmony and peace with one another, either a pureblood, half blood, or a muggle-born. I don't know how could I live without magic. It is very important to use it for the wellbeing of everybody, not for the bad. my parents say I might change my mind about someday.

At school, I'm really fascinated in Charms and Potions classes, I did aced some examinations of it. I could say Professor Snape was quite impressed by me during his classes. Also, I always have my potions kit with me at all times. The Divinations classes is what i'm looking forward to, and i'm really excited to be an expert in it. Imagine being able to see your future with just a tea of cup? That'd be wicked.

I have an older brother, Casper, who's got in Slytherin as well. He is two years older than me and he's one of my role models to do well at Hogwarts and be a great witch. Someday, I want to make my name famous in the world of Wizardry. I want my name to be written in every newspaper, in every course book, in every article, and even talked about by the mouths of every witches and wizards. I'd do everything to make Venus Labyrinth a name that people won't forget.

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