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• skylar "sky" bree ruiz •

• xvi •

• single •

• kind, friendly, stubborn, firm in her convictions, brave, strong, outgoing, hard working, fiercely protective of her loved ones •

• Skylar was born at sunrise, in a hospital deep in the centre of London. For as long as she could remember, it had only been her, her mother, and their small flat. She never met her father and her mother didn't reply to the questions she had asked about him, so eventually she gave up on him altogether. Just the same, although they were far from well off, she had a happy childhood, full of love and joy. But when she was 8, her mother contracted a rare strain of cancer, and was quickly diagnosed as terminally ill. When she died a year later, Skylar was devastated. Her only family was gone, their familiar flat was sold, and everything she held dear had vanished. She was then bounced around in orphanages, becoming more and more withdrawn and depressed. On the fateful day her Hogwarts letter came, she went without a second look back. Now, she's a 4th year at Hogwarts, and has learned to laugh again. She aspires to someday find a place to belong, with family or friends. •

• short (4'11), with shortish curly dark hair and twinkling brown eyes. light brown skin, full lips, and freckles•

• likes: cuddles, stargazing, adventures, baking, soccer (football), ice cream, sunshine, gardening, being outdoors, traveling, new places, painting, photography •

• dislikes: liars, cheaters, being cold, mayonnaise, loneliness •

• things I want to do: fall in love, travel the world, be truly happy, learn to love myself •

• me and kay •

• me and seth •

• fc tashi rodriguez •

• feel free to owl me or post on my wall! I'm always looking for more friends! •

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