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Hi. My name is Savannah Lee. I'm a Gryffindor. My favourite lesson is Charms and I am a half-blood. My Patronus is a badger. I'm a metamorphmagus.

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Hi, my name is Savannah Lee. I'm in Gryffindor (though I almost got Slytherin)
I am a halfblood, my father was a wizard. I had a twin sister, Tory, but she got really sick when we were 7. There was nothing we could do.
I am quite gifted in Charms, however, I'm not one for studying. I enjoy the muggle sport called soccer, it's quite entertaining and requires you to be very fit.
Here's some more stuff:
Appearance: brown, shoulder length hair always in a ponytail. Brown eyes. Short.
Personality: sarcastic, bit awkward, daydreamer, has a bit of nerve, stubborn, never gives up
Family: Robin Lee (mother), Joshua Lee (father), Tory Lee - dead (twin sister)
Pet: A Barn Owl named Chase
Likes: soccer, quidditch, reading, time to herself
Dislikes: Stupid people, arrogant people, studying

Btw, for some reason I'm not getting notifications when something is posted and whatever. So if I haven't been active on a club, just owl me or post on my wall. I'm still getting notifs for them.
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