Artemis Snape

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I'm Artemis, I was named after the goddess of hunting. My mom named me that because it would make me believe i'm stronger. At the age of 4 she died I went to live with my father. He worked at the Ministry. He treated me well and kept me protected. Well there was an accident and he died as well. After that I was about the age of 10 so I was sent to Hogwarts. There I met many friends. Being a Slytherin, I had trouble making friend with other houses. Causing me to get bullied. I always had a interest for potions. That was where I met my aunt Lillian Lord. She took me in and I met her husband Severus. He taught potions. He helped me with potions when I needed help. Lillian taught me other things. Causing me to be a straight O student. I always wanted to teach at Hogwarts. So Severus helped with that. And with that my story at Hogwarts starts now.

I'm a very quiet girl, helping everyone that needs it. I am a huge bookworm, reading whenever. I love writing just a much. I stick to being with Severus. I do know how to fight and I'm very good with dragons and other mythical creatures. I am a pureblood. But i'm not like Draco and his family. After I moved with Lillian and Severus, they named me Artemis Rose Lord Snape. Allowing me to keep my last name but also have Severus. My wand is Fir wood with a Dragon core, 12 ¾" and not flexible and has wings above where the hand goes. My protronus is a Raven. I have long black hair with white or mostly light gray eyes. My skin is very pale, and I have scars all along my body from depression. But I mostly hide then with long sleeves.
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