Henry Ridgeback


Don't mistake the raisin cookies for the chocolate chip ones. Big similarities, big mistake.

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<font color=teal> Henry Thomas Ridgeback was born to Holly Aspen, a pureblood witch who was a marvelous potion maker, and Thomas Ridgeback, a stern businessman who hailed from New York City. His home in Virginia, his birthplace, was big enough to fit his two siblings, the family Crup, Spot,and Henry. He was sent to Ilvermorny once he turned 11 years old. He was sorted into the Horned Serpent House, eventually achieving H.A.R.E.S. in Divination, Transfiguration, Ghoul Studies, DADA, History of Magic, CoMC, Herbology, and Ancient Runes.
Henry's life was not the best. His mother died because of the Scathe Necklace, a dangerous Dark artifact. This lead Henry to despise the Dark Arts and all Dark wizards. His older sister, Jasmine was unfortunately becoming a Dark witch, much to Henry's disappointment. She would easily hex her younger brother whenever he tried to tell her off.
When graduated, he went to the United Kingdom to study magical flora and fauna. It was there that he became a raven Animagus.
Henry has sloppy black hair, grey colored eyes, and a warm smile. He prefers dark red robes, because that is his favorite color. His hobbies include reading, playing Muggle games, Wizard Chess, writing, and Quidditch. He has two pet Nifflers, Peppermint & Oreo, and a Knarl, named Daisy. His wand is made of Alder wood and dragon heartstring, it is 11 and 3/4 inches long, and it is unbending. His Patronus is a Fire Dwelling Salamander, his Boggart is a giant cockroach, and his favorite food is Flobberworm Fritters (for recipe, see my book, "Flobberworms: Boring or Brilliant").
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