Anastasia Petrova


"We Are Going To Have So Much Fun Together!" "Game On!"

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Anastasia Petrova


Blood Status:


Date Of Birth:
January 1, 2009

Covington, Georgia

Family Home Lineage:

Family Heritage:

School House - Month/Day/Year:
Slytherin - 12/4/2020

Blood Status:

Nina Dobrev

Anastasia Petrova is a Pure-blooded Witch, who lives in Covington, Georgia, with her parents, Nikolina, her Mother and Kiril, her Father. Her parents were immigrants, from Bulgaria, who met when their parents, her Grandparents where traveling to America. Her parents met and became best of friends. They drifted apart in High School, but once in college they found each other again and began to date each other. After a few years, they tied the knot and got married a few more years and Anastasia was born.

Anastasia grew up as a happy child, dotted on and cared for by her parents. Though a secret that she has yet to discover, is hidden with her parents lives. They where followers of the dark-side and practiced the dark Arts. They however, never showed any to Anastasia, as she was too young. When she turned 11, she got her letter from, Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry School. It was her acceptance letter. She was glad to get it, though unsure about if she would fit in, considering her parents where well know Dark Witches. She decided not to dwell on it and to face the music. She can't wait to start learning about magic.

When she gets to the school, she waits her turn and when it is her turn she is goes up to the hat and sits down. A few more minutes of her saying Slytherin, please pick Slytherin, the hat shouted out! "IT BETTER BE SLYTHERIN!" Anastasia jumped out of the chair and made her way to the Slytherin table, and sat down. She waited until the ceremony was done and after being bored by the long speeches given, the table began to fill up with food. She smirked and grabbed as much food as she could and dug in, not caring if she stole someone else's food .

Once she was done eating she was given her schedule and was walked to her room with the rest of her house by a Prefect. Once in the common room, she looked around and then decided to go to her bedroom and began the walk up the stairs to the beds. She went to her bed, with her stuff on it and took them off, got into her pajamas and tucked herself into bed. A few minutes and her eyes closed to the dream world.

Tomorrow was the beginning of her classes and training to become a witch!

Personality Traits: Strict, Mean, Sarcastic, Semi-good

Appearance: White Skin, Dark Brown eyes and hair, likes to wear whatever she feels like wearing.


Birth Mother:
Nikolina Angelov (Petrova)

Birth Father:
Kiril Petrova

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