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I Have heard stories of Magic and Hogwarts when I was a small boy. But they were just what I thought they were, Stories. Until one morning on a chilly August afternoon. I came home to my parents and younger brother standing next to one another in the living room. In my mom's hand was an older looking envelope that had a neat cursive writing of my name and our address. They handed it to me and as I read it I was hit with a familiarity. It was just like the one Harry Potter got in the books and movies I enjoyed growing up with. At first, I thought it was some joke or a weird present (It was my birthday). My parents sat me down and told me how all the stories were true and that there was an American school like Hogwarts called Ilvermorny. Technically I was supposed to attend that school when I came of age but they wanted me to get the best of the best training. My mother turned out to be a half-blood and my dad a pureblood. My younger brother shouldn't have known about this secret until he came of age but he overheard a convo between our parents and figured it out himself. They don't believe in casting spells on their children so instead of erasing his memory they let him start his studies at home early. I only wish I could get the chance to get ahead of the game too. I love learning new things, especially such magical things as this. I also can't wait to see a real-life Hippogriff and I can only hope I get into Ravenclaw. It was my mom's house, my dad was in Hufflepuff. I'll never forget the day I learned that my dreams where about to come true and found out so much of my actual family history. I also can't wait for my younger brother to join me in my studies at Hogwarts, being one of the few American students there!
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