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Hey, I'm Elizabeth Ashley Logan, but feel free to call me Ellie, Lizzy, Eliza, Lizabeth, anything, but make sure I'm good with it first :D

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Name: Elizabeth Abigail Logan
Age: 16 turning 17
Birthday: November 7th
Personality: Shy, Cheerful most of the time but sometimes depressed, Protective of people close to her especially her brothers, Talkative.
Pet Peeves: Snoring, people looking at her stuff.
Most Known For: Taking either forever to get ready, or being speedy fast, being known as the only girl in her family.
Fun Facts: She’s the only girl in her family.
Nicknames: Ellie, Lizabeth, Lizzy
Living Currently: Shadebeach, England
Occupation: Student, Mother-Figure
Interests: Singing, Writing, Makeup, Hanging with friends.
Skills: Drawing, Art in general, dancing, singing, making stuff from stuff laying around, taking care of others.
Favorite color: Pink (but purple comes close. Purple any ARMY around!)
Favorite food: Chicken Enchiladas
Favorite type of music: K-pop but also enjoys some American Pop (depending what it is) and some country.
Favorite possession: Her wand but at home her phone.
Favorite animal: Dogs and Cats
Favorite memory: Her last Christmas with her entire family.
Favorite number: 7
Favorite books: Harry Potter (series), Divergent (so far, only read part of first book), The Maze Runner (series), Percy Jackson and the Olympians (read to the 4th book).
Favorite season: Winter but loves Summer as well.
Place of Birth: Sydney Australia (but lived most of her life in both England and America).
Immortal or Invincible?: Invincible.
Rich or Famous?: Famous
Habits: Combs her hair back often, enjoys making chipmunk voices (with her own voice), reading or watching something multiple times just to "talk" to the characters about what they should or shouldn't do.
Introvert or Extrovert?: Depends on the situation, but usually Introvert (unless she's comfortable with the people around her).
Past home(s)?: Sydney, Australia; London, England; Shadebeach, England; California, USA; Cambridge, England
Best Friend(s): Her brothers
What comforts her?: Being hugged, warm comfy hoodies, a soft glowing lamp with a caring person beside her.
Most annoying sibling?: Brendan
Favorite sibling?: Brextan
Least favorite sibling?: None

Birth Family:
Father: Bayne Richard Logan
Mother: Jennifer Linette (Adams) (Logan) Marshall
Siblings: Braxten James Logan, Brysen Malcolm Logan, Banner Joseph Logan
Adopted Family:
Father: Bayne Richard Logan
Past Mothers: Lilly Rose (Richards) (Logan) Stevens, Laurena Cherry (Edwards) (Logan), Stewart.
Mother: Allison Millicent (Andrews) Logan
Brothers: Broden Calvin Logan, Brayden Lexton Logan, Brent Rivera Logan, Bryce Ledger Logan, Brendan Calis Logan, Blaysen Reese Logan, Braydie Luke Logan.

Elizabeth was born on a decently cold November afternoon, to Bayne and Jennifer Logan. Her 3-year-older brother Braxten was the closest friend she had had for most of her life.
Soon her parents divorced, but then her father got married to Lilly Rose Richards a few months later. Soon after, she became the older sister to her year-younger brother, Brysen.
Together the parents bought a mansion, and shared several memories there.
Just a few months after, however, her father and step-mother divorced and he very quickly found Laurena Cherry Edwards and married her, quickly having their last child, Banner.
Due to the mansion being too expensive to keep up, the couple sold it and bought a small apartment, just big enough for the small family to live in.

Soon, the couple divorced, having disagreements and being unable to solve them.
Elizabeth lived in the apartment for several years before she woke up one day with moving boxes everywhere. Braxten had explained to her that their father had found who he was sure would be his official and life-lasting wife. They had to move to Shadebeach, England just to have the wedding, and because his soon-to-be wife lived there.

He had married Allison Abigail (Andrews) (Chapman) Logan, and she already had several kids of her own, all being boys.
Feeling their family wasn't complete yet, the parents looked into adoption, and soon found a teenage boy named Bryce Ledger Monson. A few months later, he became theirs, and replaced "Logan" as his last name.
After about a year or two of them being married, they had Braydie together, but soon died afterward (due to unexplained reasons, mainly I'm still figuring it out).
Braxten took on the role of "Man of the house" and the "Father Figure" to his younger siblings, half and step.
After getting everything figured out, they received some interesting-looking letters in the mail. Each one was addressed to a specific child, "Broden C. Logan", "Brayden L. Logan", "Brent R. Logan", "Bryce L. Logan", "Elizabeth A. Logan", "Brendan C. Logan", "Brysen M. Logan", "Banner J. Logan", and "Blaysen R. Logan".

The kids all went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (except Braxten and Braydie), and got to the sorting hat.
They waited behind the first years since they were all older than 11.
Soon, it got to Broden, and he was sorted into Gryffindor. Brayden was sorted into Ravenclaw, Brent was sorted into Gryffindor as well, Bryce was sorted into Gryffindor, Elizabeth was sorted into Hufflepuff, Brendan was sorted into Slytherin, Brysen into Ravenclaw, Banner into Gryffindor, and Blaysen into Slytherin.

Soon they got acquainted to their classes and begun their year, and the rest is history.

I'm open to Roleplay most anything as long as it doesn't involve Romance (girl x girl/boy x boy) or deep romance (making out), Injuries I'm good with, just don't take it too far.
Will use Elizabeth for my roleplays, occasionally bringing Braxten in (possibly).
I'm good with anything Harry Potter related for roleplaying, (any scenario, just let me know first).
During school-semester might not have a chance to roleplay as often (besides morning or evening/night), and will have a lot of time during the weekends unless I'm busy Saturday or Sunday.
Please don't use any swears, (if you do just **).

If you roleplay with me be sure to note that I enjoy being included, if I'm roleplaying with several people at once (in the same roleplay) I don't want to be excluded from whatever's going on.
*Might have moments of depression where I want to leave the roleplay or worse but please just ignore those moments*

If you have any questions, please message me or post on my wall/board thingy. Idk what it's called tbh I'm pretty new here. Also please add at least two sentences or more to your replies so I have something to go off of. Add some detail if possible, just not too much.

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