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In Hogwarts I was sorted into Ravenclaw, although Hufflepuff came a very close second possibility, because I’m creative, inquisitive, independent, and quite analytical. I was a bit of a hatstall because I have many Hufflepuff traits, such as dedication, loyalty, and my soft heart. My favourite classes are Charms & History of Magic, although I wish that there were some more creative subjects as part of the curriculum. I also really like the idea muggle studies, although i still have a year to go to get to do it. My least favourite class is potions- too similar to muggle Chemistry for my taste. I’m one of the lucky ones and tend to do well in my subjects although procrastination stops a lot of my extra study. I’m better in some more than others though. I’m a half-blood: my mother is the acclaimed auror Megan Hansen-Fiddlestone, and she’s very busy, but my father, Thomas Fiddlestone, is a muggle & an Antique Valuer. People aren’t always kind about them, but our world has moved forward a lot since the Battle of Hogwarts.
My greatest strength is probably my determination, and my greatest weakness, no matter how cliche it is, is my procrastination. When I graduate from Hogwarts, I want to be a member of the Hogsmeade Council, or maybe a Hogwarts Professor at a pinch. I think that the most fascinating aspect of magic is that muggles never notice it! Magic is happening all around them, but they always come up with a ‘rational explanation’. For example, when my dad met my mum, he had no idea she was a witch for sooooooo long. I’m talking 15 years! When I grow up, I want to use magic to help others. I will make Hogsmeade the best place in the world, even better than Diagon Alley! But, if I’m completely honest with myself, all i truly want is for me & my family to be happy. I want to have a huge library, and a warm house, and lots of pets to spoil. At the moment, at school, I have an owl called Aurora, and she’s such a sweetie! At home I have the most adorable guinea pug called Quinoa who loves strawberries and takes up half of my room, although I don’t mind.
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