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Hi everyone! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. First of all, I'm a half-blood : my father is a Muggle, and my mother is a witch. When my mother first told my father that she was a witch, he was a bit skeptical, but then, when they were alone in their kitchen (with the curtains closed, of course), my mother whipped out her wand and cast Lumos in front of him. And there it was : my father saw the light (LOL). He was really amazed by what my mom can do (he still is), and asks her a lot of questions about magic and wizarding culture, which my mother happily answers. My family is like the perfect balance between the magical and the non-magical. My mother is friends with my father's Muggle friends and vice versa. Unfortunately, my Muggle grand-parents both passed away before I could know them, but it lead me to grow close to my witch grand-mother. She's a fox Animagus, and every time we would go visit her, I would ask her to transform at least once. Ever since I saw her transform, I've been fascinated by Animagi, and wanted to become one. And then, on my tenth birthday, my mother gave me a mandrake leaf, and I knew it meant she would help me become the Animagus I was always meant to be. So I held the leaf into my mouth for a month, then used it in the Animagus potion my mother helped me brew, repeated Amato, Animo, Animato, Animagus who knows how many times, drank the potion during a thunderstorm and voilĂ ! I became the cat Animagus you can see in my profile picture.
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