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This is a DiD account so if you have a problem with that, take it up with Kai and Max. Please don't treat my alters like ocs. Thank you. Also, I'm sorry if I'm not responding to everyone. It's really hard to keep track so please be patient and I'll do my best to respond.~Admin

Types of rps we do: -Romance-Gay -Muggle -Non-muggle -Vampires -Omegaverse __________________________ ☁️Kai E. Mayflower☁️ Team Edward Gryffindor/Slytherin Dom Emo boi Age: 18 DOB: The 11th of the 7th Personality: Kind, loving and caring Song: Motivated -NF Relationship status: My heart was stolen and I don't want it back❤️ Sexuality: Bi/Poly Limit: 3 people max Nickname (s): Daddy -James K.A.I (Kinda An Idiot) -Meg BigBird -Tanaka(Ryker) Fc: Rai.ny.day.man Me and my babybird: Kids: Yes ________________________________________ ♪Nevaeh J. Minx♪ I'm Daniel's twin sister Team Jacob (I'm slowly going to kill myself) Hufflepuff Little/sub Nerdy soft girl Age: 19 DOB: The 12th of the 3rd Personality: Shy, quite kid, fragile, broken Problems: Drinking, smoking, cutting, pill abuse, cutting Song: Let me go - NF Relationship status: Engaged to my idiot and taken by my prince Sexuality: Bi/Poly Limit: 3 people max Nickname (s): Pumpkin -Charlie Honey -Phoenix Buttercup -Levi Cub -Josh Softy~Sunflower~Wasted~Bish -Daniel Faceclaim: Bukkitbrown Me and Tony: Me and my prince charming: _______________________________________ ♣Xavier Heartfelt♣ Team Edward Slytherin Dom Emo boi/femboi(only when I feel like it) Age: 18 DOB: The 6th of the 8th Personality: Sarcastic Song: Outcast -NF Relationship status: Taken❤️ Sexuality: Bi/Poly Limit: 2 people max Nickname (s): Appels -Nev Scar -Levi Daddy -Kim⚜️ Faceclaim: Benkro_tv Me and what belongs to me:

Ashton Peterson-Miller ⭐ Team Jacob Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff Switch Little/Softboi Age: 18 DOB: The 6th of the 5th Personality: Shy, depressed, sarcastic, kind, loving, mood swings Song: Heather -Conan Gray Relationship status: Taken^-^ Sextuality: BiSpy/poly!! Limit: 3 people max Nickname (s): Bubba -Levi Big -Evan Gremlin -Ben Cookie -Spencer Shortcake -Elijah Kitten -Rhys Faceclaim: Lucky Blue Smith Me and Master: ________________________________________ ⚜️Daniel J. Minx⚜️ I'm Nevaeh's twin brother Team Edward Trans Ftm (Hasn't had top surgery yet) Slytherin Switch Eboy/Fuckboy Age: 19 DOB: The 12th of the 3th Personality: Cocky, flirty, overprotective, shy(only when I trust you) Song: WHITE TEE - Corpse Relationship: Hehe❤️✨ Sextuality: Pan/Poly Limit: 3 people max Nickname (s): Baba/Killer/DannyPhantom -Nev Faceclaim: Ruel Vincent van Dijk

Me and Daddy:
________________________________________ ♚Lucas Graham♚ Team Jacob Hufflepuff Sub Little/Softboi Age: 18 DOB: The 7th of the 5th Personality: Nerdy, shy, bookworm, jumpy Song: Sweater weather -The Neighborhood Relationship: Taken Sextuality: Gay/Poly Limit: 4 people max Nickname (s): Pup~Baby wolf -Ash Faceclaim: I don't know Me and Daddy: Us and our little prince:
2013 ford escape 0 60
Me and Ben: [Coming soon] ________________________________________ ♔Silas Tate♔ Team Jacob Hufflepuff Sub Little/Softboi Age:17 DOB: The 10th of the 9th Personality: Shy, depressed, kind, jumpy, bookworm, nerd Song: Arcade -Duncan Laurence Relationship: Hehe❤️ Sextuality: Gay/Poly Limit: 2 people max Nickname (s): Kitten/Puppy/Little Bunny ~Arlo My support dog, Tony: https://ibb.co/PzmckND Faceclaim:....
Me and my Alpha: ________________________________________ ✨Kangjeon Cho✨ Team Jacob Ravenclaw Bottom Softgirl/Little Age: 18 DOB: The 9th of the 2nd Personality: Giggly, very innocent, introverted, almost always tired Song: Take me to church -Hozier Relationship: Taken by my Senpai Sexuality: Abrosexual/Poly Limit: 2 people max Nickname (s): Kitten -Dax Faceclaim:

Senpai and I:

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________________________________________ ♪Anthony Mason♪ Team Jacob Gryffindor Switch Eboi Age: 17 DOB: The 4th of the 10th Personality: ~Talk to me to find out~ Song: Leave the door open -Bruno Mars Relationship: Ready to mingle Sexuality: Pan Nickname (s): None Faceclaim:
________________________________________ ☠︎Max A. Mayflower☠︎ Yes, I'm Kai's brother Team Edward Ravenclaw/Slytherin Dom Eboi Age: 20 DOB: The 17th of the 6th Personality: Cold, distant, caring, somewhat kind, a flirt Song: Catgirls are ruining my life -Corpse Relationship: In love Sexuality: Bi/Poly Limit: 3 people max Nickname (s): .... Faceclaim:

Me and my bunny: [Coming soon] Me and my kitten: [Coming soon] ________________________________________ The Twins Picture of us both:
❤️ Avery K. Wayne❤️ Team Edward Hufflepuff Switch Softboi Age: 17 DOB: The 1st of the 9th Personality: Outgoing, energetic, kinda annoying Song: Yellow Hearts -Ant Saunders Relationship: Taken Sextuality: Bi Nickname (s): BoboBear -Basil Faceclaim:

Me and my blueberry: [Coming soon] ---- ✨ Basil A. Wayne-Parker✨ Team Jacob Hufflepuff Bottom Softboi/Little Age: 17 DOB: The 1st of the 9th Personality: The opposite of my brother Song: Ocean eyes -Billie Eilish Relationship: Married to my emo boy and taken to my lion Sexuality: As straight as a rainbow/Poly Limit: 2 people max Nickname (s): Skittles -Avery Little one -Milo Faceclaim:
My love and I: Me and Luke: [Coming soon] ________________________________________ •Robin Roberts• Team Edward Ravenclaw Bottom Little Age: 17 DOB: The 5th of the 12th Personality: ~I'm a little soooo~ Song: Talking to the moon -Bruno Mars Relationship: My heart went oop- Sextuality: Bi Nickname (s): Princess -Parker Faceclaim: Me and Parker: [Coming soon] ________________________________________ ✨Phoenix Duncan✨ Team Jacob Hufflepuff Bottom Little/Softboi Age:17 DOB: The 10th of the 5th Personality: I'm really sensitive and fragile Song: Take me to church -Hozier Relationship: *cricket sounds* Sexuality: I'm as straight as a rainbow/Poly Limit: 2 people max Nickname (s): ..... Faceclaim: ________________________________________ ~Ashley Noah~ Team Jacob Ravenclaw Bottom Softboi/gamerboi/Technerd Age: 17 DOB:....you don't need to know.... Personality: Broken, depressed, shy, fragile Song: Lost -NF ft. Hospin Relationship: -- Sexuality: Bi (male lean) Nickname (s): Tech suport -Everyone on the account Disclaimer: I don't really talk unless I really trust you so I'll write on a white board and I always wear headphones or air pods, yes music is playing but the volume is low so I can hear you while you're talking. Faceclaim:

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