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Hi, this is a DiD system and please respect that. Also please respect my alters and don't treat them as ocs. -Host

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☁️Kai E. Mayflower☁️ 

19 / Bi-Poly / July 11th / Engaged

"I don't really care."

Fc: Rai.ny.day.man Me and my babybird: -----

Nevaeh J. Minx

19 / Bi-Poly / March 12th / Married, engaged and dating


Faceclaim: Bukkitbrown Me and Tony: Me and my prince charming:


Ashton Oliver

18 / Bi-Poly / May 6 / Married

"I can hear silence. . ."

Faceclaim: Lucky Blue Smith Me and Master:


⚜️Daniel J. Minx⚜️

19 / Trans male / Pan-Poly / March 12 / Taken

"Haha, jk. . .unless"

Faceclaim: Ruel Vincent van Dijk

Me and Daddy:


Lucas Graham

18 / Gay-Poly / May 7 / Engaged and Taken

"Mhm, sure I guess"

Faceclaim: I don't know Me and Daddy:  My Babies:

Male: Eros(2), LucAsh(1)

Female: Angelica (8-9months)

Me and Ben:


Silas Tate

18 / Gay-Poly / September 10 / Taken

(Has breasts implants but is not trans)

"H-huh, maybe next time"

 My support dog, Tony: https://ibb.co/PzmckND

Faceclaim:.... Me and my Alpha:


Kangjeon Cho

18 / Abrosexual-Poly / February 2 / Taken by two lovely guys

"I'm hungry. . ."


Senpai and I:

Me and my lover:


Anthony Mason

18 / PanPoly / October 3 / Taken

"Shoot me."


Me and babygirl:

Me and my marshmallow:


☠︎Max A. Mayflower☠︎

21 / Bi-Poly / June 17 / Taken

"I love a woman who'd just kill me."


 Me and my kitten: 

Me and my babyboy:


The Twins

Picture of us both: ❤️ Avery K. Wayne❤️

18 / Bi / August 9 / Taken

"I'm fine. . .yes I'm fine, dammit"


Me and my daddy:


Basil A. Wayne

18 / Gay-Poly / August 9 / Taken

"I-I don't want to talk about it, to you atleast. . .no a thanks"

Faceclaim: My love and I:


Robin Roberts

18 / Bi / December 12 / Taken

"Shit I lost my contacts"

Faceclaim: Me and Parker:


Phoenix Duncan

18 / Gay-Poly / October 3 / Taken

"Yes please~"


Me and my master:


~Ashley Noah~

18 / Bi-Poly/ August 5 / Taken by two lovely guys

". . ."

DisclaimerI don't really talk unless I really trust you so I'll write on a white board and I always wear headphones or air pods, yes music is playing but the volume is low so I can hear you while you're talking.


Me and my daddy:

Me and my monster:



|| Two Perfect Subs ||

I cannot stress how perfectly well behaved and trained these two are. If you're into BDSM then these two are perfect for you, lol -Kai

Hypnos Addams

19 / Pan / 14 Feb / He has my heart and I his

"Let's get some ice cream."


Me and my daddy:


Rosaline 'Petal' Smith

18 / Bi / 09 Nov / Taken~

"H-heh, I feel funny~"


Me and my girlfriend:


Alexandria 'Mittens' Johnson

18 / Abrosexual-Poly / 23 Dec / Taken by three amazing guys


Faceclaim: (to be added)


Damion Romano

20 / Bisexual / 9 Sep / Single. Not looking but -try- to change my mind

"Wait! Shhh.....do you hear that? Quiet. So let's keep it that way."

Faceclaim: (to be added)

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