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Hello there!

My name is Azazel Smith. I am currently 22 years old, and my hobbies are sketching, writing, reading and (oddly enough) capoeira, even though I'm kinda bad at it.
I am a Magic Researcher that specialises in muggle sciences (particularly the science muggles call Biology). My goal at the moment is to establish where magic and the muggles sciences may cross over and apply to each other, as well as using this to develop new potions and spells.

I was born to muggle parents who were occultists and worshipped demons. They passed away not too soon after I had been born. I've been told their deaths were caused by one of their occultist customs going too far.
I was then put into the foster care system and eventually I was later adopted by a very kind and loving muggle couple.

I grew up in Australia under the Australian muggle education system (which was where I originally found my passion to pursue science). As a child, I was infamously mischievous and unruly, though I'd like to think that I've grown out of that phase of my life now. I've always been quite clumsy, and have been known to occasionally bring bad luck.

When I got out of primary school, I was invited to attend a school in Australia that is similar to Hogwarts. I graduated from there a couple of years ago now, and have been pursuing my career as a Magical Researcher. At least that was after completing a degree in what muggles call molecular biology.

I have two pets, as of now, one being my burrowing cockroach Bob, and the other being my scraggly cheese-eating possum, Preta. Bob is my precious companion, I've had him since I was 14 years old and never have been separated from him since. So if you see a large cockroach, please leave it alone, it might be Bob... and if something were to happen to Bob...

*cough* Anyway, I am inexplicably allergic to sunflower seeds, or any sunflower based products. I very much enjoy my food and drinks, excluding ice cream (I always get brain freeze).

I would describe myself as a friendly, open individual that likes to socialise. Though I can go for months without barely talking to anyone as well... so... yeah. Some say I have an interesting sense of humour. Even though I went to a different magic school, the house I'd been put in there is like the Australian version of Slytherin, so I'm in Slytherin.

My talents include being able to sneak around without being noticed, whistling, arts & crafts, and getting along with animals.
On the other hand, I have many things I'm not good at (like singing and broomstick riding).
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