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Hello, I am Allanon. It is nice to meet you. I have lemon cookies and coffee if you would like some

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I am a pureblood, my parents were both Slytherins, as well as my twin brother Jael. I joined Hogwarts late in life, having just turned 21 before I decided to finally take that step and pursue an education in magic. My parents were ashamed when I was sorted into Hufflepuff, determined to prove it to be a slip of the Sorting hat's mind but my brother thought it was a good fit and turned against our parents when they decided to disown me. They hated that I "ruined the long line of the Slytherin family". Though, I do believe I am a Hufflepuff due to my overwhelming loyalty and urge to protect my friends. It took a while for the Sorting hat to declare I was indeed a Hufflepuff. Maybe it's the fact that when I protect my friends, I lean towards threatening those who seek to harm my friends. I am very introverted and prefer to spend my time reading, knitting, or otherwise spend my time in silence. I am very outgoing when I meet someone who I click with. My friends are very few, those who can handle me are those who I like to spend my time around. Seeing as I am a pure-blood, a lot is expected of me, including to only interact with other pure-blooded wizards and witches, although that is not my mindset. I see others for who they are and how they treat others, not for their blood status. That has always caused issues with my family and I was constantly ridiculed by my parents for not being "Slytherin-like". I liked being nice to the house elf, I enjoyed making cookies, I was too good hearted and never liked too much conflict. I was a red herring in my family, though my brother never saw me as such. He always protected me and he did it in a way that made me comfortable, although I know after I would leave, he would handle it his way. I'm glad my brother doesn't see me the same as our parents, he's all I've got now.
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