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Hi! I'm Azalea, a young Ravenclaw student and writer. I love to ski, act, bake, write, and read! I'm so excited to be here. I hope we can be friends!

  • Joined October 2019
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<font face="josefin sans"><font color=turquoise>BASIC INFO

YESSS I'M FINALLY BACK! After disappearing for five months, I'm back and will be visiting every Friday to check in and chat with my besties <3

Full Name: Azalea Grace Shacklevolt

Nicknames: Zelie, Zel, Lea, Aza, Az

Gender: Female

Age: Nope

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Long black hair in natural beach waves, almost always left down. Golden-brown skin and hazel eyes with thick black lashes that are annoyingly long. Average stature and hourglass frame

Star Sign: Proud Gemini!

Hobbies: Reading, writing, swimming, acting, skiing, mountain biking, playing viola/piano, baking

Nicole/Nick Shacklevolt
Rose Shacklevolt
Jack Shacklevolt

Patronus: Lynx (Unusual)

Wand: Ebony wood with a phoenix feather core, 14 ½" and slightly springy flexibility

Amortentia: Ocean breeze, fresh parchment, lemongrass

Animagus Form (Registered): Lynx

Wizarding Dream Job: Professor or Writer!

Pets: Tawny Owl (Reef), Black Persian Cat (Mala), Golden Doodle Puppy (Millie)

HiH Organizations/Clubs/Positions: Founder of "Writers Unite", founder of "Authors Team Competition", founder of "Multilingual HiH Members", founder of "Forbidden Forest Roleplay", Co-President and Article Editor of the "HiH Newspaper Club", co-founder and judge of the "Triwizard Tournament", Ravenclaw Quidditch coach, Hogwarts Party designer, member of Ravenclaw Writing Team, "Inter-House Competitions" competitor, Dueling Committee member


Growing up with my father as a Muggle, my mother a witch, and three older siblings, life could be chaotic at times. However, being an extremely determined young witch, I could get by. I loved watching my mother do magic when I was little. She has shaped so much of who I strive to be. My father is a different story. He is always at his Muggle job, so I hardly see him. I love my siblings dearly, though they can be slightly annoying at times. I am completely obsessed with YA (young adult) fantasy/sci-fi books, so I am always available if you want any recommendations. A book a day keeps reality away! I really love baking as well. Being trained in French pastry (baking), I love a good croissant, but I also make all kinds of other things. Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, you name it! I love to listen to all kinds of music, but it's usually musical music (Hamilton, Six, Hadestown, Dear Evan Hansen, Beetlejuice, Be More Chill, Heathers, Mean Girls, etc.). I am a member of many fandoms, including "Throne of Glass", "A Court of Thorns and Roses", "Divergent", "Percy Jackson", and too many more to count! I am a proud eagle, and I am always up for studying with anyone who wants/needs to. I also love to write stories when I get the chance. I'm currently working on a contemporary RomCom novel, which's first chapter or two will (hopefully) be published between May 18--May 23rd. You can check out my published books here:

- "Swish and Flick: A Hogwarts Story"
- "A Hogwarts Diary (A “Swish and Flick: A Hogwarts Story” Addition)"
- "The World Was Theirs: A Short Story"
- "Princess of Darkness"
- "The Fall of Olympus"
- "The Chosen"
- "Gifted by the Cosmos"
- "The Beginning of the End: A Short Story (In Progress)"
<font color=black>- "Zelie Shacklevolt: My Story" <font color=turquoise> (coming soon!)
- "The Printemps Ball: An Excerpt From "Zelie Shacklevolt: My Story (In Progess)"

My most popular book, 'Swish and Flick: A Hogwarts Story', is one of my two priority books at the current time. This means that my other books will not be updated as frequently. I publish at least one 'Swish and Flick' chapter every Friday, as well as a question about a character or event introduced in the latest chapter. If there is a posting delay or something similar, I will announce it on my wall. I announce the next chapter publishing of my books on my wall and occasionally throughout the most popular roleplay groups. If you would like me to directly owl you when a new chapter for a certain book(s) of mine is published, please let me know!

I am also working on a "series" of short stories called "The Dark Chronicles." All of the short stories in this "series" are quite dark, realistic fiction stories. They are all completely separate books and are not part of one large story. I will compile them all into one book and link it here for you guys soon!

If you'd like some help writing your own book(s) for the library, click here!

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