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I am an anime weeb but you can call me Ash I am glad to converse about different animes if you haven't already guessed I love bnha or mha and my favourite character is todoroki,midoria comes a close second. I'm Bisexual and recently went into a new relationship, but I'm fine with that.


Name: Catalina (Cat) Spectrum
Appearance: Black-rimmed glasses, blue eyes, black hair usually tied up, fairly pretty body shape
Personality: She is a shy girl who is often found reading or doing some kind of school-related activity. Due to being shy and seen as a bit of an outcast among the other Slytherins, she doesn't have many friends so she is found alone a lot of the time near the whomping willow.
Likes: Books, art, school and when she is truly alone with her thoughts and feelings she creates music with her voice or an instrument.
Dislikes: Wolves, thunder, lightning and discrimination of any kind.
Backstory: She was born in December to a family of purebloods who wanted a boy so they put her up for adoption, She was adopted by a muggle women incapable of having any of her own children. The women is named Marie and loves gardening she nicknamed Catalina, Kitty. They live in a forest cottage and with Marie's love of gardening they have not a single wasted part of their garden. Her first act of magic was moving a pen off Maries counter from her chair across the room. She got her glasses at age five and grew up happy and content with her life then she got her letter and Marie was absolutely ecstatic and supports her in everything. She doesn't often show why she is in Slytherin and those who find out wish they didn't. She has a brother named Bane who is insanely spoilt by their parents but they love each other even if they have their moments.

Name: Guinevere (Gwen) Evans
Appearance: Long strawberry-Blonde hair, green eyes, average height but a little on the shorter side.
Personality: She is a confident girl and is slightly irrational when it comes to decision making not often taking time to think everything through before jumping into action. She rarely shows it but beneath her rough and tumble attitude, she is actually very sweet kind of like a sour-sweet gummy.
Likes: The outdoors, sparing, helping others, protecting her friends, wolves and cats.
Dislikes: Being helpless, feeling weak, betrayal of trust and discrimination.
Backstory: Born the youngest of four on a summers evening Guinevere lived with her parents and three older brothers Mateo, Bane and Maxamillion in a manor house with a surrounding woods. Gwen was always the most adventurous of her siblings preferring to be outside or in the gardens to inside where she was restricted by the rules society inflicted upon her. After a few years, it was discovered that her father had been cheating for a month and a half, he left her mother alone and she sank into depression this was the moment that she started to build up her walls deciding to keep herself, her emotions, views anything that could get her hurt to herself and began to toughen up becoming more firey tempered and strong but deep down she is still sweet and afraid that will be her only weakness.

Opal and Garnet Nekoma(LightSpinner and Shadow weaver)
Fandom: Bnha/Mha
Opal Appearance: When not in uniform she is usually found with pastel and white clothes her favourite ensemble being her white blouse with a baby blue skirt knee-high white socks and baby blue ankle boots, her hair is a cotton candy pink which reached her waist and her eyes were the colour of blue Opals.

Garnet Appearance: The opposite of her twin Garnet prefers darker colours and ones that stand out more like black and gold which she wears a lot of with her favourite outfit being some black jeans, a black and gold striped sequin shirt, ankle socks, knee-length boots with golden details, her hair is a short straight charcoal black bob and her eyes are the colour of red Garnets

Similarities in appearance: Though the sisters are different they do have some similarities in style like they both wear fingerless gloves leather for Garnet and white lace for Opal, they also both partake in matching long-sleeved jackets that reach just above their waists with two intertwined golden dragons on the back if you haven't guessed white for Opal and black for Garnet the final appearance similarity is their silver necklaces one has an opal in an O shape and the other a garnet in a G shape I don't feel like I need to explain that.

Personalities: Like you would hopefully expect from the appearances they are totally different one is outgoing and prefers loud parties, the other is a studious girl who is shy and quiet most of the time but when she does come out of her shell you see the similarities between them. One is short-tempered the other is patient, one enjoys the beach while the other spends their time in the forest. They were raised in a rich family but neither brings it up much, they are both quite protective especially Opal she may be the younger one but she is a force to be reckoned with if you manage to tick her off which is hard to do. Opal has always been living in her sisters shadow and she eventually accepted it and adopted the role of the kind-hearted mom friend while her sister got the fun- rowdy good time friend persona.

Quirks: Opal: manipulation of light she can do all sorts from making shapes to concentrated blasts of white light a drawback of her quirk is that the light feeds from her own energy so using it too much can result in her passing out she has over the years gotten better and conserving her energy and both she and her sister took up martial arts and other sports so they could be useful without using their quirks. Garnet: control of living things shadows bringing them to life and controlling them her own shadow is easier to control though. Her drawback is that the bigger the shadow the harder it is to control and she may end up losing control and it going haywire also much like her sister the shadows feed on her energy so she can have a maximum of four operating at a time.

Likes: Opal: phone games, books, detective stories, aquatic animals especially sharks, lavender flowers, piano, gymnastics, dance and singing. Garnet: arcade games, podcasts, reptiles especially iguanas, water lilies, guitar, drums, archery, learning new languages and boxing. They are both are considered bakusquad members since they hang out with them more.

The rest of their information can be found out through rp since I do like a bit of mystery.

(More Oc's coming soon)
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