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I'm a Gryffindor student at Hogwarts. I used to live in Argentina, but I got my Hogwarts letter and moved to Europe. I'm the seeker in the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I was a Hatstall, but I guess my bravery, daring, and reckless stupidity won over. I'm a half-blood, and my dad was a Slytherin. After accepting I was gay, he liked my girlfriend, at least; She's a Slytherin too. I love Hufflepuffs (my best friend is a Hufflepuff), getting high with Ravenclaws is THE SHIT, and I like sarcastic Slytherin's humour the most. Finally, I guess you can find me in the Quidditch pitch, getting yelled at by a Ravenclaw to start my homework, or more likely, doing something reckless with a Gryffindor, like going to the Forbidden Forest (don't tell Oshiro) or jumping from the Gryffindor tower to a broom, that shit y'know... What? I wasn't the one who set up the dorms like that. Really, who put Gryffindors in a tower and Slytherins in a dungeon? I need to thank them!
Predictable, but I want to be an Auror!
Just in case you were wondering, my Ilvermorny house is Wampus, my wand in an ebony wood wand, with a phoenix feather core, 12 1/2" and supple flexibility, and my Patronus is a dragon.
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