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((open rp//romance//18+//comment on my wall to rp//oc is trans, male to female// mafia rp//anna starter) anna maria globe an everyday collage student. except that she was trans and still hiding it from everyone. her family was so supportive of her and understood that she wasnt born a male but instead female, shes just scared others will call her names and be means. she may be an adult but shes had this fear her whole life. shes soft and kind to people around her, she has long light purple hair and soft diamond blue eyes. her lips are thin and soft with two piercings below her bottom lip. she walked down the street alone at night, she wore ripped jeans with a spiked belt with a chain. she had a ripped cropped band shirt on under her leather jacket. her choker around her neck was more like a collar. her heels clicked on the ground as she walked down the street, unaware of the eyes that she had attracted, a man she didnt know would change her life.....for worse or for better?)


((asyona rin starter//mxf or mxm//open for one person//romance//mechanic)) Asyona rin...lets just say he was the only mechanic in a small town. he had moved there in hopes of starting a new life with his boyfriend.....well ex boyfriend. they had broken up after he caught his boyfriend and their new neighbor jen together. so now he lived alone in a flat, it had been a year but he hadnt forgotten. he would see them happy around town together. being that he was single he spent most of his time at the shop fixing peoples cars and other things that needed to be fixed. at the moment he had just finished working on a car and was rubbing the dirt and grease off his hands with a dirty rag since he had worked on a few cars that day. running his fingers through his hair he pinned it back with a clip. tossing the rag to the side he watched a new car pull in. his semi fit chest flexed and moved as he walked over tothe car and leaned on it as he watched the window rolled down. there sat some he hadnt seen before "hey what can i do for you...)


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