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The incorrectly sorted Hufflepuff

Hey all I love to rp! Post on my wall, use a starter I posted, or owl me! If you need someone to talk to then just feel free to pop in an owl.

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Alyx Stephenson-Reaping is amazing, thanks for putting up with my crazy quirky (haha, quirky) ideas, the "Yee" contests, and Maliko's trauma.


About me!

Age: unknown

Orientation: Bi        

Pronouns: Genderfluid with different names for myself (: I don't mind if you call me hun, dear, etc.

(I will occasionally refer to myself as we/our. Does anyone else do that?)

I don't rlly have a list of ocs, I keep them in my head bc if I tried to write them all down you'd be reading forever

There's this cute webtoon called Boyfriends, if y'all wanna read it it's adorable: https://www.webtoons.com/en/slice-of-life/boyfriends/episode-1/viewer?title_no=2616&episode_no=1

Kind of getting into anime/manga, so I love MHA AOT Haikyuu and a few others

If you want a list of ships I support just ask. It will be a long message XD

Pardon my long absences. I often get grounded thank you for your patience.


Please use proper terms.

I don't have triggers.

Don't care if you swear, just no slurs please.

I prefer long-ish replies, but if I don't get them it's totally fine.

DO NOT send me an owl or post on my wall asking me to rp if all you want to do is play dirty.

No god-modding please. And also, if you introduce a character, control them. If you have an idea, just tell me! I will also say ideas if i just have them or maybe the rp isn't going anywhere.



Ruth Bokeno (Biological female she/her)
Shoulder length black hair, brown eyes, on the shorter side, silver glasses and pierced ears, cottagecore aesthetic, has a grey kitten named Whiskey, loves to read

Aero Phoenicus (Biological female they/them)

Long black hair, purple eyes, usually tallish, pierced ears/snake pierced lip/tongue, goth/grunge aesthetic, doesn't wear heels, loves music and animals

Devon Wolfe (Biological male he/him)

Brown hair with bold blue streak, blue/grey eyes, taller, lean/muscular, bookwormish aesthetic, tendency to call girls "chica" (his mom is Hispanic, don't judge him)


Maliko Kaminari

Denki's cousin

Quirk: Elementic

Quirk allows user to summon weather or naturally occurring substances and use them offensively via hands and feet. Drawbacks are excessive tiredness, mood swings, and soreness in fingertips/feet.

Swapped out quirk: Telepathic Combustion, which means he can lift things and set things on fire if he looks at them, and throw fireballs.

He's going to have to drink a lot of water and eat plenty of food (which of course he's gonna forget to do) and it'll make him extra tired.

Has dark blue hair and red eyes, a tired look about his face but he enjoys fun.

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