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HOGWARTS CHARACTERS, ALSO CAN BE PLAYED AS MUGGLES, OR FANTASY:  (main one I use) May Swimmers is bisexual. she has soft, long black hair. Her eyes are the color of ice in the winter. She is also "5.4". She loves her black jacket that runs over her hips and her hands. May is a very sweet girl. She is part angel, but she does not know that. She makes home made potions as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------  Mark Swimmers is May's twin brother, who has finally earned enough money to go to Hogwarts with his sister. But He is "5.8" and human. His eyes a little bit darker than hers. He also loves his grey hoodie. His hobby is running. ------------------------------------------------------------------  Daniel Smith and May are best friends. She has tangerine colored, wavy hair that reaches her waist. Her eyes are a grey-greenish color. She is a vampire and enjoys every part of it. Her height is "5.5" taller than the average girl's height. she wears heals, a lot. And wears small skirts instead of long skirts with her uniform. ------------------------------------------------------------------ FULLY MUGGLE:  Margret Thorngood is my medieval character who works with her family in their family owned Bakery. Her family owns the Thorngood's bakery. Margret has two sisters and her mother and father. Margret's hair is long, curly, and brown. Her eyes are hazel with the tiniest bit of green in them. She usually is the one making rounds to the market place when they need to get something. ------------------------------------------------------------------ FANTASY:  Willow is a girl with long blue hair and golden brown eyes. She is 5.4 in height and age just matters on the rp. She is a shapeshifter and a nice one compared to all the others. She is usually found smiling about something or playing what humans call “cheating” hide and seek.

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