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If you want a to do a rp, but don't spend much time on HiH, then you could contact me on Discord- Grey#1409


Alex Malfoy

*has brown hair, but the tips are blond

*He is often nice to anyone, unless you mess with one of his friends.

*He is 15 (Will change depending on rp)

*He is Single

*He is bisexual, but prefers girls.

*Is Hufflepuff despite his family's reputation in Slytherin


Grey Jones

*Hair is a greyish color

*He can come off rude when you first meet him, but he will become nicer after talking to you more.

*He is 16 (Might change to fit rp)

*He is Single

*He is Bi

*Is a Slytherin, and will make sure everyone in school knows it.


Joshua Houstan

*Brown hair

*He is a complete dork for plants and card games

*15(Will change to fit rp)

*He is single

*Sexuality is Gay

*Is in Gryiffindor


If I don't reply it either means I saw your notification and I am trying to plan out what i am going to say, or I am not on the site Genres I rp in-




+Romance (Can be 18+ if you want, but doesn't have to be)

+High school

+Marvel Avengers

+Omega verse

+Little space

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