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I'm Aria! Friendly (sometimes) and very helpful. But cross me, a curse is something you'd wish to get.

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Aria Potter, Gryffindor, family girl. Your perfect little introvert.

Parent(s): Harry Potter, Ginevra Potter

Sibling(s): James Potter, Albus Potter, and Lily Potter.

Friend(s): Azazel, Ari, Harrison, Ski, James, Ryse, Warren, Vascilisa S. Malfoy, Alex Malfoy, Adam, Ashlynn, Alex(with the heart at the end), Ivan, etc.

Age: 16 -25(Depends on the roleplay)
Hair: long and wavy, brown with ginger roots.
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Boggart: Losing the ones she love, failure.
Patronus: Phoenix
Mirror of Erised: Her family
Amortentia: Parchment, freshly mowed grass (the third one will change depending on the RP)
Abilities: Empath, Legilimency, wandless magic.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Favorite HP Pin:

Aria had a happy childhood with her family, as you could expect from living with the Weasleys and Potters. She's a prankster, she loves sweets, and she will stand up for anyone. Aria is brave, loyal, and brutally honest. If you don't like what she's saying to you, then don't hang out with her. That's your business.

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