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Death is but the next step-

“Please, Tommy Please.” -Newt, Death Cure

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Nigel(Asmodeus) Demon/Angel hybrid Age:19 Height: 6’ 4’’ Weight:123 lb Personality: Quick tempered Sensitive Aggressive Protective Quiet Appearance: Low riding jeans Barefoot Pendants Features: Dark red skin Black horns Scars Tattoo(branding) Wings Fiery, red eyes Fangs Medium length shaggy black hair Variant Age:18 Grade:12 Sexuality:Gay Species:albino werewolf Personality: Quiet Reserved Protective Sensitive Insecure Aggressive Quick tempered Appearance: White shirts(assorted) Jeans Converse Features: Pale blue eyes Dyed blue shaggy hair(natural white) Pale Sickly thin Several ear/eyebrow piercings Pendants Everest (Hunger Games OC) Age:38 District:12 Weapon(s):bow& arrow/daggers Height:6’4 Weight:132 lb Games: 94th hunger games(12) 4th quarter quell(13) 5th quarter quell(3 Personality: Sensitive Vulnerable Protective Kind Hardworking Quiet Arena personality: Cold hearted Brutal Driven Violent Confidant Arrogant Brooding Features: Dark brown almost black hair Piercing but pale grey eyes Chiseled features Extremely muscular Athletes build Lightly tanned Scars/markings/injuries: Permeanantly limp “Mutt” claw marks on his left shoulder blade District 12 tattoo Mockingjay tattoo Harry Hook Personality Harry is prideful, sneaky and always ready to hook someone, especially Ben. He prides himself on being wild and unpredictable, off-kilter and a little mad. His only disappointment is the fact that he has to carry a hook with his hands rather than possessing one instead of a hand. Physical Appearance Harry is a light-skinned brawny guy with dark brown hair. His primary outfit is a white ripped tank top, a red sleeveless leather coat, black pants with red ripped details with zippers and dark brown boots. His accessories consist of a black pirate hat with dark golden details, pale feathers and the pirate crew's symbolic pin, a blue headband, a black band, black fingerless gloves, a golden skull ring, red, black and white bracelets, a red belt, a brown skull belt, a dark brown belt with rings, a pocket watch, a sheath for his sword and a fake hook. Plus he sometimes has shadows around his eyes that make him look attractive. Later on the back of his jacket has a silver hook embroidered on. Powers & Abilities Harry does not possess any special supernatural powers, but he does possess a number of skills, related to navigation and piracy. Ferrin Malfoy Adopted son of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy Death Eater 17 Gay Personality: Kind Reserved Violent (when provoked) Quiet Playful Lone wolf Shy Self conscious Bad temper Protective Others: intricate dragon tattoo down his right arm Abused by his stepmom and stepbrother Dark mark Appearance: Platinum blonde hair Grey eyes Wears a beanie Jeans Sweaters Converse or boots Medical: ADHD Tourette’s syndrome Wizard stats Amortentiam Cinnamon, Fall Breeze and Evergreen Forest Wand: Hawthorn Phoenix feather Devan Malfoy/Connors Age:18 Sexuality:Gay Personality: Quiet Shy Introvert Protective Appearance: Black hair Icy blue eyes Muscular Extremely Thin Tall History: Devan was born into a messed up family.His mom was a drunk abusive and his dad was never home and when he was he would mess around with them.After his dad died in a car accident his mom became worse always drunk she would abuse him in the most disgusting of ways.While in school he grew apart from everyone isolating himself so he wouldn’t get hurt and was often found wandering around aimlessly to stay away from his mom. Finnian Gilmore/Malfoy Age:19 Nationality:British Height:6’8’’ Occupation:equestrian Personality: fun loving Caring Kind Adventurous Easy going Humorous Mysterious Appearance: Collared polos Tan or black breeches Tall black boots Features: Slightly curly platinum blonde hair Stormy grey eyes Pale Thin Slim shoulders High cheekbones Easy going smile Horse name and breed: Storm Black thoroughbred and Hanoverian History: Finnian has been riding since he was 5.His dad left before he was born so his mother and grandma raised him.When he started riding he rode a grey geldiiing named Dawn.She was the calmest and most lovable,,that he often didnt want to leave her.Dawn and Finnian became inseparable as they got older.Finnian started competing when he was 1, showing in dressage and cross country,were. Their favorite things to do.When he was 14 Dawn got cancer and passed away.Finnian was devastated and stopped riding all together.It took years for him to get over her death.When he turned 18 his mother bough him a thoroughbred and Hanoverian mix that he named Storm, he was beautiful.slowly starting to ride again he soon found out thy they were perfect for eachother and he started competing again soon after. Daniel Altman wing (Day)/Malfoy Age:18 Nationality:French Heigh:6’3’’ species:werewolf vampire hybrid Personality: protective Wary Aggressive Caring Fearful Features: Shaggy black hair Icy blue eyes Strong chin Extremely thin Appearance: Tattered t shirt Worn out jeans Locket Barefoot Others: Orphan Created by the hunters Hunters symbol of possession on his neck History: Daniel was kidnapped by the hunters when he was five.Turning him into a werewolf they made sure he would survive the transformation before forcing a vampire to turn him.at first being turned made him extremely ill that he could barely move.as the weeks passed he slowly got better.Once th hunters knew he would survive they threw him out into the real world.At first he was confused but before long he knew their plan, soon after they came with their guns after him. Silas Malfoy Age:25 Height:6’6’’ Weight:118 lbs Personality: Nice protective Moody Insecure Appearance: Tshirts and jeans Boots almost completely blind and scars Blonde hair short Dislikes: Loud noises Rude people Rainy days Tomato’s Avacodos Fish History: Silas lived in an orphanage all his life.When he was 17 he was in a fire that took most of his vision as he lost an eye and his other one was almost completely blinded.He has a lot of injuries from the fire mostly to the face and he is very self conscious about the way people look at him so he usually hides his face wearing hoodies all the time Darien Bane Age:24 Nationality:Asian Height:6’9’’ Personality: Kind Protective Extrovert Outgoing Adventurous Appearance: High cheekbones Broad shouldered Thin Tight shirts Tight jeans Boots Thick wavy black hair Others:warlock Magnus brother Works at the pandemonium’s a bartender Most people thought Darien was his brother, they were practically identical twins.Darien wasn’t as extravagant as his brother,but he loved going to parties and meeting new people.he worked as a bartender at the Pandemonium.Like his brother Magnus, he was gay and is still looking for his perfect mate:warlock, vampire,werewolf,face or even Shadowhunter, he didnt care.Darienn had met Magnus’ boyfriend the shadowhunter boy ,Alec Lightowood and he found he didnt mind the boy that stole his brothers heart. Being 390 years old ment he had lived through some rough times, the most recent of which was serving valentine for two years.Threatened into obedience Darien was tasked with raising demons along with some other warlocks.Magnus with the help of Alec rescued hm and nursed him back to health.No one really knew Darien was a warlock unless they saw the v shaped scar on his back.HE had bat like wings wth a smattering of black feathers that looked tattered and useless, which they were. Kovu Malfoy Age:18 Nationality:Russian Personality: Bad temper Cold Violent Killer Appearance: T shirts Ripped jeans Combat boots Features: Black hair Scowl Scar across his right eye Extremely muscular Other: Vampire or werewolf (depends on rp) Animal wrestler Bred killer Caius Drakhar/Malfoy Age 18 Drakharin (dragon human hybrid) Personality Layed back Protective Quiet Gentle Stubborn Kind Appearance Jeans White t shirts Trench coat (to hide scales) Features; Black hair Blue green eyes Blue black scales Godly parent:Hades Raven: Age:17 Personality: Introvert Shy Adventurous Quiet Extremely athletic Misunderstood appearance: Dark T-shirt’s with slits in the back Combat pants Black hoodie with slits in the back Black boots Other: Darkling Shifter https://pin.it/toi5opjudh6k3b https://pin.it/4s3nalh2l6lgpc https://ibb.co/VYR92JL Daemon Malfoy Age:17 Personality: Introvert Shy Nice Hard worker Adventurous Appearance: Band T-shirt’s Black or blue jeans Hiking boots Chokers and bracelets Other: Family issues On meds Jared Cox/Malfoy(middle guy) Age:16 Height:6’4’’ Weight:118 lb Personality: Cruel Protective Violent Haughty Appearance: Tshirts Ripped jeans Combat boots Leather jacket Piercings Features: Inky black hair Cold blue eyes Tattoos Muscular Tanned Extremely athletic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/28/a6/b9/28a6b9c88d3ef3b7c3fa71faacf87179.jpg ~Alex Malfoy dating Jade Stone ~Racheal Lestrange Malfoy Dating Sebastian ~Katarina Black married but finding her husband ~Noelle Lestrange Malfoy 11 single ~Savannah Lupin Lestrange Malfoy my daughter ~June storm ~My daughter ~Draco Lestrange Malfoy, ~Ash Lestrange Malfoy ~ Aidan Lestrange Malfoy Adopted by Ferrin Malfoy: Full name: Greg Moses Lucifer Likes: dirt and trucks Dislikes: pink and cooties Age: four Birthday: 6/3 About him: I think girls are gross

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