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Father made it perfectly clear that I was to be sent to Ilvermorny since it's closer to home (I resided in Canada at the time) and he would be able to keep an eye on me, which is why when an owl landed on my bedroom's fireplace with a letter sealed with a large red "H" I was ecstatic. My mother, being mother, upon hearing my screams (of joy, ofc) ran inside to check up on me. Her, being a product of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and the schools' close relationship, she had tears in her eyes (which I believe were bittersweet tears bc this means I would have to leave the continent for awhile) and hugged me. Dad on the other hand was leaning by the doorframe the entire time with a smug smile on his face, apparently I really was going to Hogwarts!

Now here's some background on me.
I come from a really old pureblood family, (bet you've heard that countless times before) the Peverells.
No, we do not condone inbreeding anymore if that's what you're thinking.
I enjoy thunderstorms and snow days, any excuse to read by the fire with a kitten or puppy on my lap.
I also like to partake in the arts (except dancing, gods forbid I'll have to).
I am an only child, with the exception of my cousin Xirus who my family has basically adopted now since his parents are always traveling sadly, he'll be studying in Drumstrang.
I'm nicer than I appear, I swear, it's just my rbf (Resting B Face).

For those wondering, my animagus form is a Lynx, for those of you who find it unfamiliar, it's basically a large cat.
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