Azalea Schmidt


"Though this be madness, there's method in 't." -William Shakespeare

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{~Those who don't believe in magic will never find it~}

Azalea Vulpecula Schmidt
Nicknames: Azy, Azaz, Az
Age: 21
Birthday: May 30
Birth city: Carrarange, Western Australia
Pet(s): A maine coon, Tebo

{~It's a very, very Mad World~}

Magical Basic-
Blood-status: Muggle-born
Wand: Ebony wood, 13 1/2 in., Phoenix Feather core
Mirror of Erised: Her brother's success
Boggart: Failing, Small spaces
Amortentia: Fresh parchment, coffee beans, vanilla beans, freshly cut wood
Job: Muggle ‘expert’ (Muggle Researcher)/ Magizoologist
Part-time job: Waitress at the Three Broomsticks

{~I'd like to tell that my sky's not blue; It's violent rain~}

Positive Personality traits: Confident, Curious, Intelligent, Strong-willed
Negative Personality traits: Ambitious, Argumentative, Mischievous, Overly-honest, Sadistic, Temperamental at times
Hobbies: Dueling, Hanging with friends, Reading, Studying (while in school), Sketching
Habits: Nail-biting, Stuttering when nervous
Disorders: Anxiety, Minor Depression, OCD

(Just FYI, sometimes I will RP as a student, sometimes as an adult.)


Quick Information about her brother-

Nathaniel Coronus Schmidt
Nicknames: Nathan, Nath
Age: 21
Birthday: May 30
Birthplace: Carrarange, Western Australia
Pet(s): A ragdoll cat, Stephanie (referred to as Steph)

Blood-status: Muggle-born
Wand: Dogwood, 13 1/2 in., Phoenix Feather
Mirror of Erised: The whole family, united
Boggart: Failure, Heights
Amortentia: A wood-burning fire, Cinnamon, Fresh vanilla, Tea brewing
Job: Auror/ Muggle Researcher
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