Abigail, Adrian & Alexis


"Heyo! Nice ta meet ya!" ~Abigail " 'Sup? Wanna grab a drink or smoke somethin'?" ~Adrian "I can bring hell or heaven to you, so, watch out." ~Alexis

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~Name: Abigail Marlene Slytherin

 ~Sexuality: Omniaesthetic Omni-Demisensual Omni-Demiquasiplatonic Omni-Demialterous Omni-Apres-Recipromantic Omni-Aceflux Gynoflexible

~House: Gryffindor

 ~Age: 17 (Only in Hogwarts rp. In Muggle rp- 18)

~Year: 7th

~Blood Status: Half-Blood

~Fav. Subjects: Potions and D.A.D.A.

~2nd Fav. Subjects: History of Magic, Astronomy and Charms.

~Sex: Female 

~Gender: Demigirl/Demiwoman

~Pronouns: They/Them & She/Her

~Patronas: Black and White Cat

~Boggart: It's a secret.

~B.F.F.s: N/A

~Relationship Status: Single.

~Looks: A 5'3" girl with shoulder length, black, silky hair and small black Asian eyes.

~Race: Asian

 ~Personality: Fun loving, reckless, happy, sassy, weird, (appears) slightly crazy, rebellious, fiercely loyal, daring, cheeky, friendly, slightly narcissistic and bubbly yet badass (mainly bubbly but at times badass too).

~Fatal Flaw: Hubris (deadly pride) and loyalty.

~Polyamorous, Polyalterous & Polyplatonic


                {Main} Angelina Pongener 

                           {Other} Paige Lidiard

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~Name: Adrian Rafael Lopez-Black

~Sexuality: Bi-Greyromantic, Bi-Greysexual {Leans more towards guys}

~House: Slytherin

~Age: 17 (Only in Hogwarts rp. In Muggle rp- 18)

~Year: 7th

~Blood Status: Pure-Blood

~Fav. Subjects: Potions and Astronomy.

~2nd Fav. Subjects: Transfiguration, C.O.M.C. and Charms.

~Sex: Male 

~Gender: Boy/Man

~Pronouns: He/Him

~Patronas: Thestral

~Boggart: It's a secret.

~Relationship Status: Single.

~Looks: A 5'9" boy with soft, black, silky hair and dark brown eyes.

~Race: British-Spanish

~Personality: Fun loving, happy, sassy, weird, (appears) a lot crazy, rebellious, fiercely loyal, daring, has nerve, friendly, badass, slightly egotistical, proud, ambitious, possesses strong leadership skills, shrewd and achievement oriented.

~Fatal Flaw: Ambition

~Polyamorous & Polyplatonic


               {Main ; Older} Manu Rios

                         {Other ; Younger} Jentzen Ramirez

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Profile:~ ~Name: Alexis Valenteen Rivera

~Sexuality: Pan-Demiromantic, Pan-Reciprosexual (reciprosexual to only people who they like romantially)

~House: Slytherin

~Age: 17 (Only in Hogwarts rp. In Muggle rp- 18)

~Year: 7th

~Blood Status: Half-Blood

~Fav. Subjects: Potions and Transfiguration

~2nd Fav. Subjects: D.A.D.A., Astronomy and Charms.

~Sex: Female 

~Gender: Genderfluid

~Pronouns: They/Them/Their/Theirs/Themself or Xe/Xem/Xir/Xirs/Xirself (If you don't know what they identify with atm. Ask for pronouns {They/He/She})

~Patronas: Runespoor

~Boggart: It's a secret. "None of your f**king business."

~Relationship Status: Free bird. "I hate being tied down. I date non exclusively."

~Looks: A 5'4" female with pair of beautiful brown eyes and long, soft, wavy, brown hair that is usually either in a high ponytail or left open.

~Race: British-Latina

~Personality: Fun loving, reckless, sorta happy, sassy, weird, (appears) a lot crazy, rebellious, salty, bitchy, fiercely loyal to those she loves, daring, has nerve, friendly, slightly narcissistic and badass, proud, ambitious, shrewd and achievement oriented

~Fatal Flaw: Hubris (deadly pride)



                 {Main} Sydney Serena

                           {Other} Ivanita Lomeli

                                      {Other} @dracuina (Insta)

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~~1) It is preferable if rps are descriptive.~~

~~2) Relationships are rp okay. (Drps {dirty rps} are fine but only at a minimum and DRPs SHOULD NOT BE DESCRIPTIVE and SPECIFIC. Also, inform us before starting such a rp.) If our OC's date, it's nonexclusive until and unless you specify it. Both our first two OCs also happen to be Polyamories, meaning that they can love and date multiple people as long as their existing partners are fine with it.~~

~~3) If you wish to rp just owl us, also specifying which characters you wish to rp with (both yours and ours) and what kind of rp you would like.~~

~~4) What happens in rp, stays in rp. It's not between us OOC.~~

~~5) Discuss with us OOC before rping or planning ships or friendships. If we agree, make sure in rp our OCs officially ask each other and officially get a "yes" or something similar otherwise we won't count it as a relationship.~~

~~6) Third person RPs only. Semi Lit RPs atr prefered.  We may be fine with Lit depending on the characters, info and rper. https://aminoapps.com/c/attack-on-titan/page/blog/different-types-of-roleplay-lit-team/YoYg_nMTbux63E26M7z6xpRxkovvoBXPj#:~:text=a%20titan!!-,Semi%2DLiterate,around%20a%20paragraph%20of%20information. ~~

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Admin Info:-

°We're an OSDD-1b System named, the Flaming Rose System. A.K.A. the Warrior Rose Collective. 

°Our singletsona name is Jupiter.

°Collectively we're referred to as Jupiter or Rose. (Don't call us "Rosey" or "Rosie". Only our beloved Pride System/Rainbow Collective are allowed to call us that).

°Abigail and Adrian are based on alters in our system. Alexis isn't based on any alters but we have fictives with them as their source.

°This account is purely for RP and none of the friendships or relationships are IRL/OOC unless you and us have mutually discussed it and agreed to it.

°We're collectively genderfluid. Individually it varies from person to person. We're AFAB enby heavy.

°We're collectively Autoromantic Auto-Aceflux + Quaromantic + Aro-Ace Spec + Gynoflexible + Omniaesthetic Omni-Demisensual Omni-Demiquasiplatonic Omni-Demialterous. Sexualities differ from person to person.

°We're collectively Polyamorous, Polyplatonic and Polyalterous. We're mostly poly or ambi. But we also have monos.

°Alter Headcount: 500+

°Main Host/Fronter: Jupiter Holt/Venus Salvatore (has multiple names)

°Co-Hosts/Co-Fronters: Hope and Destiny Marshall-Mikaelson, Ashlyn/Ash/Ashton {14} Salvatore, Josie {4} and Lizzie {2} Saltzman.

°Main RPers: Jupiter Holt/Venus Salvatore (has multiple names), Hope Marshall-Mikaelson and Ashlyn/Ashton/Ash {14} Forbes

°Disorders: ADHD, Dysgraphia, OLD, Cluster B PDs {NPD, BPD, HPD, ASPD}, Bipolar Disorder, OSDD-1b, Dermatillomania, Anxiety, ED, etc.

°Possible Disorders (Unsure. Checking with Professionals): Psychosis, Dyslexia, Autism and Immersive Daydreaming (sub type of MADD)

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