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When I received my letter that day, I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe how lucky I was being this time! I was excited to start the lessons. I've always been interested and kinda obsessed with magic stuff, I think it was a way for me to escape my boring life.
I was kind of lonely to be honest, I lived in France before, and I had some friends, sure, but I preferred to be alone. I always had a little bit of trouble showing my emotions, so people thought I was emotionless.
Soon after my 9th anniversary, my parents told me that we were going to live in the UK. It didn't bother me that much, I wasn't bad at English, besides, there was a lot more fairy stories that could interest me there than in France, so we moved to London.
I made new friends and I eventually improved my English skills, (but I still make some mistakes sometimes, so don't hesitate to correct me) and I started to develop a love for reading, writing and drawing. And to be honest, even if I was a little bit surprised of myself, I found myself liking videogames and otaku stuff. Videogames were the only thing that would actually make me escape my really, really boring life. I thought that there was no point in living a life that would just consist of eating, sleeping, going to school, socializing, eating, sleeping... and so on, without at least a little bit of magic and of adventure. So of course, you can imagine how happy I was when I read this letter out loud to my whole family! I was worried it was a prank from my little brother, but his look of jealousy mixed with admiration were enough for me to process that it wasn't actually a prank, but reality.
I think that I was sorted in Gryffindor because I'm kinda brave, the only things that scare the shit outta me are spiders. Really, no spiders please. Except this I'm pretty sure I would go save a friend in danger in a heartbeat, and I usually do things without thinking about it.
That's it, I'm done with the long paragraph, I just wanna say that I hope we get along well!
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