Only the people who have experienced true suffering know what happiness really is.

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Hi, I am Amber, I am a muggle-born who has always had a knack for reading, I always noticed weird things happening to me but I would keep quiet about them. I am an introvert and I am usually thinking up stories in my head. When I got a letter to Hogwarts accompanied by a person who looked like they had been taken right out of my books, I was so excited, I finally had a story of my own. I was brought into the amazing world of witchcraft and immediately loved it, reading and learning everything I could. everyone I met thought I would be a Ravenclaw, so when I was sorted into Hufflepuff, everyone was confused, but I fit right in. I have made so many new friends and always help people if they needed it, and not just with schoolwork. I helped people with almost everything, and people always came to me as sort of a therapist. I have my own problems too even though nobody knows, I have ADHD, anxiety, depression, and a bit of OCD and anger issues. But I always try to help, I can also fight, with and without magic, if that is the problem someone is facing. I try my best in all my classes and people sometimes say I take in too much work. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, maybe a therapist at Hogwarts, because I honestly think it needs one. Anyway, I hope I can be your friend, and if you ever need help or anything, you can always come to me.
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