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Hello, my name is Bruce (formerly Christian Weasley and Christian Parker). I'm from Gryffindor and I'm very proud to be in that house, feel free to owl me

Synopsis: The Orphan Billionaire Boy, or at least that's what everyone thinks, June 27 at 10:27 pm was when Thomas and Martha Wayne died ...... my parents, Detective James Gordon an ally now, He promised me to find the person responsible for the murder, but it is difficult to know since now so many suspects have appeared The Court, Ras Al Ghul and others, My butler, or better Friend Alfred Pennyworth, has advised, trained, taught and cared for me.
Selina Kyle a thief with great skills, she is my partner and friend, she has been through thick and thin with me, I thought I would lose her to Jeremiah Valeska shooting her, that was one of the reasons why I left Gotham for 10 years. .To protect you all, now that I am back, Wayne Enterprises rebuilt, Barbara Kean is normal or at least not so crazy, Wayne Manor upgraded, a new Watcher and James Gordon as Commissioner, I am sure Gotham will be much better than before. ...

Age: 11 (in real life)

Best Friends: Holly Greengrass, Amelia Weasley, Meira Malkin, Sylvie Delacour-Weasley, Justina Cento and etc, H Granger Potter, James Hubbard, Alora Currier, Winter Grimwood, Hermione Komatine Granger and Nyah Willow. (Owl if I don't name you)

Favorite Animals: Dragons, Dogs, Cats and Owls.

Hobbies: Drawing, Photographing, Learning new Spells, Reading and listening to Music.

Future Profession: Auror.

Pets: A snowy owl, a Golden Retriever dog, a crossbreed cat, a Norwegian Ridgeback dragon and another Dragon Night Fury (who lives in the forest)

Pet Names: Dog: Tyler, Cat: Meko, Snowy Owl: Light, Dragon Norwegian Ridgeback: Pouncer, Dragon Night Fury: Toothless

Profession at Hogwarts: none

Profession away from Hogwarts: Entrepreneur, The Dark Knight
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