Miss Adelaide Williams

Hogwarts Apprentice Professor

Miss Adelaide's door is always open. If you want to talk over a cup of tea, hot chocolate, or butterbeer just stop by my quarters or owl me!

  • Joined January 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 0 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


Adelaide Violet Williams comes from a fairly well off pureblood wizarding house in the U.S. Her family lived in California she attended a private all girls elementary school until she got her acceptance letter to Ilvermorny. After attending four years at Ilvermorny, as a Thunderbird, Adelaide was forced to transfer to Hogwarts as her parents were moving to Scotland to work as ambassadors of the MACUSA at the Ministry of Magic. Naturally Adelaide followed. At Hogwarts Adelaide was sorted and placed into Ravenclaw a house that is praised for their creativity, intellect, and originality.

She is a very nice girl who strives to please everyone and is forgiving to a fault. Her saying is “Three strikes and you’re out” But even after three “strikes” she still forgives them. Adelaide was always fond of watching Quidditch but never gathered the courage to try out for her house team. She also served as a tutor for anyone that needed help. (so far as to helping other houses students). She would wait in the common rooms or library till late in the evening to see if anyone needed help. She tends to get used a lot. However, she is very protective and will do whatever necessary to help her family and friends.

Adelaide is very special in the way where she does not need to rely on spoken words to cast spells and this was admired heavily during her years of school and even as an assistant teacher. Her weakness, however, is that she’s not well versed in the art of dueling but she’s always willing to try!

After graduating from Hogwarts she was scouted and offered a position at the Ministry of Magic in the Magic Relations and Education department. Accepting the position she was able to teach at many different Wizarding schools like Mahoutokoro, Beauxbatons and now finally Hogwarts.

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