Alice malfoy


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Dark Ginger
|Pale skinned
|Ghost Blue eyes
|Pointed ears
Wand:made of oak, and has a core made of salamander bone
Sport: Quidditch, as a Chaser
Best Subject: She is a natural at self-transformation
Pet: Snake

Name: Jackson (Jack) Raven
Gender: Male
House: Ravenclaw
Personality: Smart, know-it-all, sassy, hard-working
Girlfriend: Single
Best Friend: None

Name: Todori
House: Gryffindor
Pet: Fox
Gender: Female
Personality: Smart, know-it-all, sassy, hard-working Can get rude at times and attacks you if you mess with him
Lgbtq: Transgender (mtf)
About: She is a Animagus that can shift into a fox She was abused her whole life her family used her as a fighting tool so they would be rich. Todri Hates to be bullied. She gets very upset very fast.

name: Kerena Sharp
Age: 15 - Born 4th of February
Appearance: Standing 4' 11" tall, and built like a bodybuilder with bronze skin, Kerena has a shifty feel about them.
They have a triangular face with a square jaw, a broad nose, and full lips. Their dark blue eyes are angular and they have thick eyebrows.
Their brown hair is short and fine, and is worn in an Emo style.
They usually wear formal clothes that are mostly pastel-coloured and loose and flowing, and they wear no jewellery.
Personality: Resentful, stoic, individualistic, non-rebellious, skeptical, intelligent.
Personal Status
Social Class: Elite
Education: Never went to school
Personal views
Religious view: Agnostic
World view: Idealist
Racial views: "I generally don't discriminate..."
Gender bias: "Men and women are equal"
Age preference: "Think of the children!"
Nationalism: "I'm not very patriotic"
Conflict: "Some people only understand force"
Physical/Health: No notable issues
Quirks: Often fidgets, Addicted to sugar
Likes: Playing video games, Listening to music, Working out
Dislikes: Laws, People who speak loudly in public, Forgetting things, People who smoke
Afraid of: Dogs
Self-satisfaction: 17% - Increasing
Fitness level: 75% - Increasing
Motivator: Anger
Skills: Good at persuasion and Skilled at animal training.
Colours: Likes vivid yellow, hates purple
Music: Likes Trance
Foods: Sour food
Book Genre: Pulp fiction
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