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<summary>GENERAL INFORMATION:</summary>
FULL NAME: Theodora Artemis Scamander (she prefers you call her Dora, however)

AGE: I AM FOURTEEN! Yes, 14! And yes, I shared my age *collective gasp from many people on HiH* For godnesses' sake there are so many fourteen year olds in the world, and if you're a stalker, scram before I concuss you with my broomstick.

PERSONALITY: Friendly and approachable, but is an introvert inside, and is a little sensitive, but she doesn't show it. Protective and hot-headed, though she is very patient when it comes to animals. Dora enjoys studying and all that, but she is definitely not a Hermione. Clumsy and forgetful. Very adventurous.

APPEARANCE: Dora has long light brown hair and hazel eyes. Slim, and slightly gangly ;) That's enough said, it doesn't really matter that you know what she looks like.

LIKES: Nature, animals, classical music (call Dora old-fashioned, she won't care), tea, dark chocolate, fantasy roleplays, books (obviously), exploring, friends and family (Of course) writing stories, poems, and sometimes theatre (Dora loves Shakespeare), the sound when you crunch on autumn leaves, and also the sound of rain and thunder (it makes her feel somewhat tingly and contented at the same time) magic (who wouldn't?), and that's all she can think of write (oops, right, she's in an authors mood) now!

DISLIKES: Deep water and underground places (they both scare her), tik tok dancing, people rubbing their hands on carpet (I know, it's weird, but it's like her nails on the blackboard thing), maths, lots of makeup,scammers and spammers, texting slangs (she always says 'are we so lazy we can't even type/write a few more letters?'), people who get annoyed at something they do themselves, in other words, hypocrites, creepy people online, swearing when it's unnecessary (swearing is not for trying to be cool, in her opinion) and people who aren't themselves because it's not fashionable (THAT ANNOYS HER EXTREMELY! XD apologies)

<summary>BACKSTORY:</summary> Theodora is the first and oldest child of Sebastian Bellamy and Esther Bellamy (née Scamander). Dora’s mother is a witch and, of course, the connection to the Scamander side of the family (Newt Scamander is Dora’s grandfather). Esther fell in love with Sebastian, a muggle with a love for music, while on a trip to New Zealand studying the native magical creatures there. Even though Sebastian received a bit of a shock upon hearing of Esther’s secret identity, they got married. Theodora was born a year later in New Zealand, and that was where she grew up.

Dora’s home in a native New Zealand forest was a wonderful place - the house was filled with paintings and pictures, shelves and shelves of books, ferns and plant specimens, odd magical items. Usually one would hear classical music coming from the old stereo or from her father playing the family piano.

Then there were the animals - all sorts of creature lived in the forest behind the house, and many frequently visited Dora’s household. Most of these creatures were muggle but there were a few magical ones too. With all this and Dora’s four siblings life gets a bit chaotic at times, but most of the time it is peaceful and pleasant - neither the Scamanders or the Bellamy’s are known to be loud families.
Dora always loved animals, and this was not surprising with her upbringing and family reputation. There were so many animals involved incidents - one time while on a skiing holiday the family found a baby Antipodean Opaleye dragon, endemic to New Zealand, that was nearly frozen in the snow. They took it home and raised it until I was able to fend for itself before freeing it into the wild. This was only one of the many occurrences that seemed (and seem!) to happen within the household.
One of Dora’s most memorable rescues was that of a little puppy which she found tied up and abandoned by the road at the edge of the forest which lead to town. Dora had carried the puppy home in her arms and that was his new home. The puppy was named Albion.

As for Dora’s magical experiences, there were a few but not many. Aside from the spells she knew, Esther didn’t need to use magic much and there weren’t really any magical spots such as Diagon Alley to visit. No one really minded this - magic was a part of the family but it was not used often. Of course, Dora has those natural magical occurrences. Her first was when she was six. She was sitting in a tree in the forest as she always did when the unsuspectingly unstable branch cracked and broke. Dora slipped but just before she fell another of tree’s branches grabbed her round the waist with firm knobbly fingers and set her safely onto another branch.

But when Dora turned eleven everything changed. Up till then she had been homeschooled by her parents, which she had loved. Being schooled with her siblings only strengthened their bonds with each other, and Dora had almost forgotten about wizarding school when her letter came. Even though Dora wasn’t living in Great Britain there was no was wizarding school in New Zealand. Added to the fact that Esther has gone to Hogwarts, that was where Dora was expected to go.

Dora didn't want to go.

How could she leave her home, her family - everything she knew to travel to another country just for some school? She would have to go alone - her next oldest sister would start a year after her. It was one of the hardest decisions Dora had to make, but with gentle encouragement and sympathy from her parents and talks of how wonderful Hogwarts was, Dora agreed to go. So she went, and though the homesickness was very very tough at times, she couldn’t grudge Hogwarts for long. Keeping up a close correspondent by letter with all her family, she wrote of her exciting life there.
Returning to NZ for all holidays the year passed quickly, and then Dora’s sister Lizzie was on her way to Hogwarts, and a surprise too - the rest of the family was coming to Britain! There they would stay until Lizzie and Matilda, or Milly (Dora’s other sister) were settled at Hogwarts.

And speaking of Hogwarts...
Dora’s favourite place is the forest - it is an adventure in itself. Dora is like the Fred and George of the forbidden forest - she knows every hidden path and glen, every secret bubbling stream. She always explores with her closest animal companion, a crossbreed dog called Albion. There was a bit of debate - no, argument, between the Hogwarts staff as to whether she could take Albion to Hogwarts with her, but Dora refused to come without him. Albion always accompanies her, but Dora has befriended many, many creatures in her school days. Hiding a homeless niffler in the common room... only one of her rescuing adventures. She is a close friend to Hagrid. Sometimes she's laughed at for this, but Dora couldn't care less.
Up at the castle Dora is a good student, though she sometimes - no, often - finds it difficult to keep up with her homework ;) Potions and Care of Magical Creatures are her favourite subjects. She is a chaser and sub on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. She loves spending time with Lizzie and Milly and the many adventures they have are yet to be recorded here! And when they’re not available there is of course days spent with her wonderful friends! </size></details>


I was bit hesitant to write a friends list, because I think my friends are my friends and they should know that without a specific list - but you need to know what wonderful people they are, so here it is:

CLOVER TURNER: I met Clover through her books, because she is an amazing author and I love her style - though she is always very modest about it, insisting there are much better writers on HiH when I know that she is one of the best. So READ HER BOOKS, people! But more importantly she is a wonderful friend and I'm grateful for that!

NOELLE: Noelle and I always seem to bump into each other around HiH, whether it's in a group or a random chat - but I'm glad I know her! She's very smart and very funny - and she has always given me very valuable feedback on my books, so thank you for that. AND she’s a good writer herself, AND a nature lover, AND the captain of the Slytherin quidditch team! (From the group the quidditch pitch made by Lizzie Tonks) So all in all, she’s very cool.

ROSE HAWKINS: Rose is my fellow nature lover! I feel like we have a lot in common, and that's nice to know. She was one of the first people I met on HiH and I'm so happy I did.

EVENING SUNFALL: Evening! You're SUPER - and definitely one of DA BEST! ;) *brandishes confett gun*

CHARLOTTE LU: I am so fortunate to have such a friend as the Potato Queen! She is friendly, funny, and very... vegetably welcoming. Though I must admit my stock of spuds is getting a little out of hand now, no matter how many potatoes I roast, fry or bake. Hot chips, anyone? ;) (Confused? Create a character in a group with Charlotte and you'll soon learn what I mean)

AEQUOREAL (RIGGY): Riggy is so nice and easy to talk to. Also a great writer! I'm lucky to know her. Thank you Riggy :)



Albion is a scruffy mongrel dog with a big heart, and one of Dora's closest companions. He is very loyal, very adventurous, and very mischievous!


Scout is a ginger and white cat half kneazle cat. He lives in the Hogwarts Grounds but has befriended Dora and she has set up a bed for him in the herbology greenhouse. Though he’s quite an independent cat and occasionally a bit of a show off, he’s always up for a cuddle!


Bilbo is a tawny owl who possesses many of the traits of his namesake, the little hobbit created by J.R.R. Tolkien - good natured, lazy and always hungry!


Little mouse Claude was rescued by Dora from the clutches of Mrs Norris not long after Dora started at Hogwarts. Dora nursed him back to health and now he is another of her animal companions. He likes to travel around in Dora's hoodie, faithful and courageous forever!

NOTE: You may be thinking, “dog, cat, owl and mouse?” But Dora has raised them nicely together and though there may be an occasional minor grudge among them they usually get along just fine! </details>

<summary>FAMILY TREE:</summary>

Great Grandfather: Newt Scamander
Great Grandmother: Porpentina Golstein
Great Aunts: Queenie Goldstien
Great Uncles: Theseus Scamander, possibly Jacob Kowalski
Grandfather: Unknown, Newt Scamander's son
Aunts: Luna Lovegood
Uncles: Rolf Scamander
Cousins: Lorcan and Lysander Scamander
Parents: Esther Scamander/Bellamy and Sebastian Bellamy
Siblings: Lizzie, Matilda, Beatrix and Wolfgang Scamander

Just to clarify things to myself, and, if interested, you!</details>

<summary>MAGICAL DISCOVERIES:</summary>
Red oak wood, phoenix feather core, 10 3/4", slightly yielding

Red oak, also known as “the Medal of Honor tree”, or Quercus rubra, is, by far, one of the rarer wand woods, with less than 1% of those who come to Ollivander’s being selected by such a wand.
The red oak, which is primarily native to, and valued in, America or the United States, is a wand wood also much less common in England, where English oak is traditionally a more popular wand wood. Nonetheless, the red oak was used as a symbol of bravery and valiant nature.

According to Ollivander, “You will often hear the ignorant say that red oak is an infallible sign of its owner’s hot temper…in fact, the true match for a red oak wand is possessed of unusually fast reactions, making it a perfect duelling wand”. Less common than English oak, Ollivander “has found that its ideal master is light of touch, quick-witted and adaptable, often the creator of distinctive, trademark spells, and a good man or woman to have beside one in a fight”. Red oak wands are, in his opinion, “among the most handsome”.

The rarest core type, phoenix feathers “are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn or dragon cores to reveal this”. Phoenix feather wands “are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independent and detached in the world”. These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalise, and their allegiance is usually hard won.

This is a wand I would ascribe to a Gryffindor, due to its “fiery” attributes. It could be quite likely that you have strong Gryffindor traits, but value the Hufflepuff ideals of loyalty, hard work, friendship, and fair play.

Indeed, this wand would, traditionally, be regarded of that of a “natural soldier or fighter”; it would behove others to keep this in mind before deciding to trifle with you. This wand speaks to a likely, natural talent in duelling, perhaps even exceptional, for such a rare wand to have chosen you. In nature, you may present as “independent and detached”; you have “unusually fast reactions”; you are “light of touch, quick-witted, and adaptable”; and your allegiance and loyalty may be “hard-won”, though well-worth the effort.

However, given this wand’s “fiery” disposition, I would make note not to react too quickly when facing a situation; instead, focus on the patience and open-mindedness that this wand could also symbolise. Likewise, the wand’s tendency to indicate “great range of magic” and “new spell creation” speaks of high intelligence, curiosity, and creativity, making you truly a force to be reckoned with.
*credit to Amber Goldsmith*

Mongrel Dog

Having a Mongrel Dog as your Patronus means that you find comfort in resilience. Like many Gryffindors, you are brave and noble, and you take it a step further by having a bite just as strong as your bark. You also can be a wonderful protective wall around the people you love most, doing everything you can to keep them from harm. Should you ever have to confront the face of Fear itself, this Patronus will appear to remind you that you are more than strong enough to endure anything that threatens you or your loved ones. Your patronus tells me you take great comfort in being surrounded by people who care about you and your interests, and love to feel appreciated and loved, and after a tough battle, your patronus will snuggle up to make sure you’re okay, making sure to give you a lick on the face. Dogs are loyal creatures, sticking to their family and protecting their owners when they need to, and defending their owners from anyone who poses any sort of threat, and your dog will do well to defend you in any type of battle.
*Credit to Amber Goldsmith*

Losing a loved one

Fresh morning air, book pages, essential oils, wood smoke (I really like that scent for some reason!), rain on concrete (you know that smell??), ground coffee, baby animal fur</details>

These are the average grades shown in my grade-books (By the way, I do mostly all the extra credit assignments). I'm not that great a student, as you can see, but oof, they're passing grades.

DADA 101: 89% - O

HERBOLOGY 101: 87% - E

POTIONS 101: 95% - O

TNFG 101: 79% - E

HoM 101: 84% - E

CHARMS 101: 94% - O

[Because I haven't started yet!]

Note: I've already started second year courses because I only just realised that Astronomy is a required subject. *Groans* So yup.


CoMC 201: 98% - O
[In Progress]

HoM 201: 90% - O
[In Progress]

Potions 201: 95.5% - O
[In Progress]

Herbology 201: 84% - E
[In Progress]

Soon I’ll be starting the rest of my second year courses but that’s all for now! And remember, they're all in progress! Me thinking everyone is interested in my grades XD</details>

Yes, I have a quidditch category on my profile - well, why not! It's the sport of the wizarding world, and I love it!


My Qudditch Group on HiH (I wish I could play in real life, but ah, reality gets in the way) is the Quidditch Pitch, created by Lizzie Tonks (Please join). I am the Gryffindor Captain Deputy (It's less complicated than it sounds) the temporary captain, really. The players on Gryffindor team are:

Al-Bara' Potter [Captain and Seeker]
Milly Moody [Chaser]
Jessie Silvermist [Chaser]
Me [chaser]
Sami Harper [Beater]
Thalia Lovegood [Beater, preferably]

We need a keeper! Please join the quidditch pitch and apply if you are Gryffindor!

I am now in a second quidditch group - the well known HiH Quidditch League. It's an amazing group -very organised (Yes, Indira, organiSed XD) and fun, and everyone is so nice and kind! It uses discord for practises and matches (as discord has a live chat which WORKS *looks sideways at HiH Staff*. Please join, we need more Gryffindors!

There's matches coming up, we better get some practise into action if we want to win the house cup this year!


My broom is a nimbus two thousand!

CREDIT TO HP WIKI *edited*: This broom was released in or before August 1991 and became the best broom on offer at the time. It was very popular but expensive to purchase. The broom handle is made of mahogany. It has a long tail of neat twigs with the words "Nimbus Two Thousand" written in gold near the top of the handle. Light and speedy. Has protections against tampering that can only be subverted by powerful Dark Magic. Top speed is 120 MPH

I support the Holyhead Harpies!

EXERT FROM QUIDDITCH THROUGH THE AGES *edited*: The Holyhead Harpies is a Quidditch team that plays in the British and Irish Quidditch League. The team is based in the town of Holyhead, which is located in the northwest of Wales. The team was founded in 1203, making them the second-oldest team in the league.
The Harpies playing robes are dark green with a gold talon emblazoned on the chest. They are unique among Quidditch teams in that they only hire women to play for them.
One of the highlights of the Harpies History occurred in 1953, when they defeated the Heidelberg Harriers of Germany in a match that lasted seven days. At the end of the match, the Captain of the Harriers Rudolf Brand proposed marriage to his opposing Captain, Gwendolyn Morgan, who subsequently concussed him with her broomstick.


<summary>MY OCS:</summary>
When I don’t roleplay myself I use two other characters (below), or maybe I’ll make one up for the specific roleplay. NOTE: I know I don’t have many OCs below but I like to put a lot of detail into my characters. As you will see I’ve written a backstory book for each of them (though they aren’t completed yet thanks to my laziness ;) Also, I’m sorry the pictures of the ocs are covered in makeup (the first predominantly, the second is ok) but it’s hard to find decent images on the internet!

(I know I've already said all this above, but just for satisfaction's sake!):
Name: Dora Scamander
Age: 14, peeps!
Appearance: Light brown hair, hazel eyes, slender form, average height
Clothing Style: Dora wears all sorts of things!
Personality: Dora is friendly, kind, patient and forgetful (I often start an rp with Dora rushing into class late or searching for something or the other XD)
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor, as you know
Link to her backstory book:

(This image is not the real me, though, just similar in ways ;))

Name: Xanthe Wilder
Age: 13
Appearance: Shoulderlength silvery hair, bright blue eyes, quite short, petite
Clothing Style: Skirts with different shirts, or dresses
Personality: Xanthe is very reserved and shy when it comes to meeting new people, but when you get to know her you’ll see that she is very kind and intelligent.
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Link to her backstory book:

(She looks older in this photo, but you know how hard it is to find decent images on the internet!)

Name: Amanda Figg
Age: 16
Appearance: Amanda has medium length dark brown hair and deep grey eyes. Quite tall.
Clothing Style: Loose, rather baggy clothes, like long hoodies and jeans
Personality: To put it in three words, Amanda is sarcastic, smart, and steadfast. She has that ability of appearing calm in all situations, and her sarcasm often helps her feel better, so don’t be worried if she speaks rather candidly! She’s very brave if she needs to be!
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Link to Backstory Book: (note: she’s thirteen in the book but I’m saying it’s a been a couple of years since that adventure!)

<summary>BITS AND BOBS</summary>
Welcome to my Bits and Bobs. I made this category as a place to write down the little nonsensical things I'm always coming up with - but it's also filled with my favourite things and random facts!


Favourite colour:
Buttercup yellow - or maybe a leafy green - or sea blue - oh, I can't decide

Favourite animal:
Love them all! (Except wasps and sharks, though I suppose I have a certain respect for them all the same)

Favourite Authors:
Oh, the list is endless! But here are the top 10 - no, 11! (Not in any specific order):
J.R.R Tolkien (Beyond Brilliant)
J.K Rowling (What, really??)
Katherine Rundell
Kevin Crossley-Holland
Charlotte Bronte, Anne Bronte, and Emily Bronte (These three author sisters - my inspiration <3)
Jane Austen (It is a fact universally known that a single girl in possession of a good Jane Austen novel must be in utter delight ;) Pride and Prejudice, first sentence, revised edition, read the book if you're boggled XD)
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Eloise Jarvis Mcgraw (So little known, so good!)

Favourite Music:
Well, there's not many contemporary singers I like - it all seems to be modern fake-voices-computer-noises-repetitive-and-predictable songs these days (Sorry that sounds so mean, but I'm serious). I much prefer music like the Beatles (YES THE BEATLES), David Bowie, Kate Bush, etc. AND ALSO classical music - Mozart, Bach, Handel, Beethoven, etc. (Why should we be judged for liking old music? It's still music. SO CALL ME OLD-FASHIONED - I TREAT IT AS A COMPLIMENT)

Well, I can't think of any more muggle favourites to put in, so let's move on to...

I know, you must be having so much fun reading about all my favourite things mwahaha (Ah, now I feel like watching Sound of Music) ANYWAY -

Favourite Harry Potter Characters:
Harry Potter (well, why not?$
Minerva Mcgonagall
Remus Lupin
Nymphadora Tonks
Fred *stifles sob* and George Weasley
Newt Scamander!

I could keep going and going so I better stop here -

Favourite Book:
The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Goblet of Fire, The Deathly Hallows
(Did I just put three? Oopsy)

Favourite Spell and Location:
Location: Oh it's just gotta be Hogwarts
Spell: Expecto Patronum!

There! You have reached the end of my favourites! But it's not the end of the show! Here are some other bobs and bits:

Hybrid House: Gryffinpuff!

Random: J.K Rowling dislikes people having crushes on Draco Malfoy, did you know?

Sure, I feel sorry for Draco sometimes. But he's always gonna be an idiot, no matter what.

More random: DON'T KILL ME FOR THIS but can I just say - everyone adores Hermione (Me included), right? But everyone is so crazy about her these days! Like literally making her out as this perfect person. And lots of people think they're so similar to her. Here's what I think: there is only one Hermione, and she is not perfect. Do you remember in the Philosopher's stone, when Ron tried the spell on Scabbers, ("Well, it's not a very good spell, is it?") Ron and Harry disliked her! You probably found her annoying when you first read the first few chapters of Philosopher's Stone. She can be snappish, she can be a know-it-all - DON't GET ME WRONG, I love Hermione, honestly, what I'm saying is she seems to be the most revered character - remember she has her faults too!

And that's my rant for the day!

More bits and bobs coming soon!</details>

<summary>QUOTES, QUOTES, QUOTES:</summary>

And that is the end of my backstory! For the quotes that didn't have signatures: 'I am no bird and no net ensares me' was from one of the best-books-ever-written-you-better-read Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, and the 'when people call me weird' and 'imagination key' were by me! And the wifi in the forest? I couldn't find who said that, but whoever you are, you're brilliant.
Anyway, thank you, I hope to see you around...</details>


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