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Song writer- Book worm- weirdo

Hello I'm Elliot Jane Winwood! Just So You Know: I'm A Book Worm, A Song Writer/ Singer, A Great Friend.

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hi I'm Elliot! I'm an twelve in a half year old girl, who live's in Oregon (When not at Hogwarts) I have written a book and got it published (No it's not public) I have three sisters, two older one younger. I go to a small school were there is only 51 students in the middle school. In my free time I like to: Read, Write, sing, upload songs to my youtube channel, play D&D, talking to friends. One of my favorite things to do is traveling and normally get to go on a trip every year. Last year I traveled around Europe, the year before I drove to California. I'm constantly being told I'm so luck but that means, I don't have a phone, or I can't do many after school activities. I do Violin after school, sometimes Drama or D&D club but I normally have a lot of free time. Well my parents split up last year, but I get to see my dad a lot. If you have any good book, please tell me, or I'm writing songs about books so if you want a book turned into a song please tell me. Well I guess that's it, Bye! Have a good day,night, or moring!

Theme song: Reasons to stay Kate Vogel

Gender: Female


Relationship status:

Cedar wood with a unicorn hair core, 11 ¼" and unbending flexibility

Short light brown hair, hazel eyes,

Good traits:
Cheerful, happy, energetic, smart

Bad traits:
Awkward, trusting

Cute stuff, memes, walks in the park, the library, D&D, reading, Percy Jackson, and Matched, Lunar chronicles.

Bullies, headaches, Cancer, foot binding (look it up)

Sleeping, eating, reading, writing books, D&D, singing, playing video games, sleeping.


Style: White/yellow floral T-shirt, grey jean, leather boots, leather satchel

Godly parent: hephaestus


name: Elliot Winwood.
Race: Half wolf and half human
house: Hufflepuff.
Appearance: short coppery brown hair hazel eyes olive skin.
hobbies: Reading, writing, singing, hanging with friends or trying to make new ones, flirting.
sexuality: straight
year": 1st

name: Finley Harlyn.
race: Human
house: ravenclaw.
Appearance: long brown hair, blue eyes, dark grey glasses, tan skin.
hobbies: Reading, studying, taking photo's, drawing
sexuality: lesbian
year: 2nd

name: Sylvia Worf.
race: Elf
house: Hufflepuff
Appearance: pointy ears, dark brown eyes, whitish blownd (blond brown) wavy hair,
hobbies: hunting, fishing, gardening, reading, and going on walks.
sexuality: Straight
year: 4th

name: Abigail Porter
Race: Human
House: Giffindor
Appearance: Dirty blond wavy hair, Grayish blue hair, 5'1 (constantly told she looks like a first year)
Hobbies: Drawing, acting, debate club, reading, gardening.
sexuality: Straight
year: 5th

name: Zachary Fern.
Race: Human
House: Ravenclaw.
Appearance: black curly hair, brown eyes, handsome.
sexuality: Gay
year: 1st

name: Leo Fern
race: human
House: Ravenclaw
Appearance: Black curly hair, Dark brown eyes (All most identical to Zachary his twin
sexuality: Bi
Year: 1st

name: Henry King.
race: half Elf other half human
House: Slytherin
Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, tall
hobbies: reading, hunting, hanging with friends, painting.
sexuality: Bi
year: 3rd

name: Fletcher
race: Human
house: Hufflepuff
Appearance: black curly hair, tall, handsome.
hobbies: Hunting, reading, walking/running.
Sexuality: Straight
year: 6th

Name: Asher Beck
race: Human
house: Gryffindor
appearance: Dirty blond hair, blue eyes, average height.
Hobbies: reading, painting, swimming, cooking, filming/acting.
Sexuality: Straight
year: 5th
I have written
Hogwarts and the new Head Master,
D&D the book,
Life is a game or so some say,
The Glass Wall

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