Piper Clark

Former PA

PA | INXJ-T | Introverted | Intuitive | Analyzer | Intelligent | Optimist | Anxious || I'm always available if you have questions or need help!

  • Joined February 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 2792 House Points
  • 3rd Year
  • United States


<summary>GENERAL INFORMATION</summary>
Name: Piper Eloise Clark Stage: Third Year Roleplaying Year: Fourth Year Blood Status: Half-blood House: Ravenclaw Hybrid House: Slytherclaw Points earned in the 2020 House Cup: 2647 Wand: Willow, phoenix feather core, 13", surprisingly swishy Pet: Talia, a sweet female snowy owl Patronus: To be discovered... Future Job Aspiration: Hogwarts professor, or(in the Muggle world) either a zookeeper or a teacher of English as a second language Quidditch Position: FORMER Ravenclaw Team Captain, Keeper - you can find out more here: http://www.hogwartsishere.com/groups/18143/ Boggart: To be discovered... Amortentia: To be discovered... Birthday/Horoscope: August 17/Leo Likes: Supportive friends, dogs, reading, horseback riding, schoolwork, riddles, Quidditch, being on time, learning new things, acting, singing Dislikes: Bullies, the sound of people chewing, being falsely accused, godmodding in rps, judgmental people, and unoriginality (Feel free to copy the above form and fill in your details, but *not* the entire backstory, please.) Piper is a former PA for Year 1 of Charms and Years 1-2 of Transfiguration, and was Head Girl for Muggle Studies for a time, so feel free to owl her with questions on either of those subjects.</details><details>
FIRST YEAR DADA 101: 95% (O) HERB 101: 92% (O) PTNS 101: 97% (O) TNFG 101: 99% (O) HOM 101: 91% (O) ASTR 101: 91% (O) CHRM 101: 92% (O) SECOND YEAR TNFG 201: 98% (O) HERB 201: 92% (O) DADA 201: 92% (O) HOM 201: 89% (E) - grade may change soon PTNS 201: 94% (O) COMC 201: 93% (O) ALCH 201: 96% (O) ANCR 201: 97% (O) DIV 201: 97% (O) ASTR 201: 97% (O) CHRM 201: 96% (O) THIRD YEAR TNFG 301: In progress (almost done!) HOM 301: In progress (almost done!) ANCR 301: To be started ALCH 301: In progress ANST 301: To be started ASTR 301: To be started COMC 301: To be started DADA 301: To be started CHRM 301: To be started DIV 301: To be started HERB 301: To be started MUST 301: 99% (O) PTNS 301: To be started FOURTH YEAR: MUST-401: 96% (O) FIFTH YEAR: MUST-501: [Awaiting content - 100% (O)]</details><details>
Piper has created notebooks with detailed notes, assignments, and spell indexes for some courses if you are interested in using them. YEAR 1 CHRM-101 PTNS-101 DADA-101 TNFG-101 HERB-101 ASTR-101 HOM-101 YEAR 2 TNFG-201 (Index coming soon) ANCR-201 YEAR 3 TNFG-301 (index coming soon) </details>
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