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In a society where all adventure has been destroyed, the only adventure left is to destroy that society ~ Unknown

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Hey, I'm Meese Taylor! I like to rp, feel free to look at my OC's!! Also, if you need anyone to talk to, feel free to post on my wall! Also, I'm a baby witch and a weeb :)

House: Gryffindor

Sexuality: Questioning

Star sign: Pisces

Personality type: ENTJ


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<details><summary>Hogwarts OCs</summary>
Name: Elias Greenstein
House: None (apprenticeship with Filch)
Age: 17 (can vary in rp)
Year: 7
Race/species and blood status: Squib (comes from a pureblood family)
Sexuality: Homosexual
Gender: Male
Wand: Does not have one (doesn't have magic despite coming from a pureblood family)
Hobbies: Helping Filch around the school and avoiding students
Appearance: He has soft blonde hair that falls just below his eyes. His hair is naturally curly and he rarely brushes it, leaving it as his bed head. Elias is small for his age and despite how much he eats, he struggles to gain weight. He has wide turquoise eyes framed with long lashes. The rest of his features are made up of a straight nose and cute plump lips. He is extremely pale and it is quite easy to see his emotions due to him reddening easily.
Height: 5'1"
Tattoos/Scars: He has several scars on his back and a small butterfly tattoo on the nape of his neck
Fav subject: Doesn't go to class
Patronus: None
Pets: A gray British shorthair kitten named Mephistopheles (Mephis for short)
Other/Background: Elias comes from a very wealthy and well known Pure-blood family. Despite his untainted blood, Elias is a squib and no Magic was passed on to him. He has a twin sister, who also is a squib. They are the youngest out of their siblings, all of the others being very successful and powerful witches and wizards. His parents were abusive and ashamed of him and his sister, although he hates talking about it. He idolizes Filch and is scared of witches and wizards, so he tends to avoid the students in Hogwarts. He gets scared easily, despite his attempts not to. Elias also gets sick very easily and was often ill during his childhood.

Name: Euphemia Greenstein
Nickname: Mia
House: None (apprenticeship with Filch)
Age: 17 (can vary in rp)
Year: 7
Race/species and blood status: Squib (comes from a pureblood family)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Gender: Female
Wand: Does not have one (doesn't have magic despite coming from a pureblood family)
Hobbies: Helping Filch around the school and sneaking around the school to eavesdrop on classes
Appearance: Like her twin brother, Mia has soft blonde hair that falls down to her waist, almost reaching her hips. Her hair is naturally curly, but unlike her twin, she actually takes care of it. Mia is naturally thin, her small waist giving her an hourglass-shaped figure. Her eyes are identical to her twin's, wide turquoise eyes framed with long lashes. The rest of her features are made up of a regal straight nose and full lips. Much like her brother, she is extremely pale and it is quite easy to see her emotions due to her reddening easily.
Height: 5'0" (only slightly shorter than her twin)
Tattoos/Scars: She has various scars on her back (much like her brother) and a tiny tattoo of a silver dagger right behind her ear
Fav subject: All of them, she always sneaks into the classes, eager to learn everything
Patronus: None
Pets: A gray British shorthair kitten named Amadeus
Other/Background: Mia comes from a very wealthy and well known Pure-blood family. Despite her untainted blood, Mia is a squib and no Magic was passed on to her. She has a twin brother (see above), who also is a squib. They are the youngest out of their siblings, all of the others being very successful and powerful witches and wizards. Her parents were abusive and ashamed of her and Elias, but she despises talking about it. She is grateful to be apprenticed by Filch with her brother but often runs off to explore the school. She is intrigued and a bit jealous of wizards and witches and desperately wants to learn everything about magic

Name: Althea Mercia
Nickname: Thea
House: Gryffindor
Age: 16
Year: 6
Race/species and blood status: Witch and Obscurus (comes from a pureblood family)
Animagus: Basilisk & giant raven
Sexuality: Omnisexual
Gender: Female
Wand: Willow wand, the length is 9", the core is Kelpie Bone.
Hobbies: Listening to music, singing, reading, and going on adventures.
Personality: Mysterious, clever, daring, reckless, dangerous, destructive, competitive, short-tempered, doesn’t cry often but is sensitive. Classic short and angry type.
Appearance: Thea has a naturally pale skin tone with a pink undertone. Althea has a straight and slightly upturned nose with a diamond piercing on the side of her nose. Her full lips are often soft and are naturally pink. Thea’s eyes are a piercing and intimidating blood red that glow on a regular basis. Her eyes are framed with thick and long dark lashes and instead of normal shaped pupil’s, Althea’s pupils are feline. On her left cheek there is a small scar, right beneath her eye. She is naturally slim with an hourglass figure. Thea has silvery light-grey hair that is very thick and naturally wavy. Her hair is soft and falls below her breasts, stopping right above her waist. Althea most often wears black, but when she wears colors, they are usually very dark. It is rare that you will find Althea without some sort of accessory on (such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets) Also, just remember that she’s got nice tits
Height: 4’11"
Tattoos/Scars: She has very few scars, most very small and unnoticeable. She has a tattoo of a black feather on her wrist and a black snake winding down her spine.
Fav subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Patronus: Lethifold
Pets: None
Other/Background: She grew up in a pureblood Slytherin family and had very high expectations from her parents. Her family had forced her to illegally register her Animagus at a young age, and they taught her illegal and legal magic spells as well, which forced her power to grow stronger. This caused her to fear magic and repress it. Thea is terrified of her Animagus and power, which caused her to repress her magic at a young age and become an Obscurus. Her family mentally and emotionally abused her, although she became too powerful for them to be able to physically harm her. She was about 5-6 when her Obscurus destroyed a muggle city and she was brought to Azkaban where she has stayed for 10 years (depends on how old she is in the Rp though)

Name: Leviathan Cain Griffithea
Nickname: Levi or Cain
House: Hufflepuff
Age: 16 (can vary in rp)
Year: 6
Race/species and blood status: Half-Blood (half wizard half siren)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Gender: Male
Wand: Ivy wood, Core- Thunderbird Tail Feather, Flexibility- Pliant, Size- nearly 12”
Hobbies: Swimming, bathing, reading, writing, singing, and studying
Personality: Although he seems alluring and sexy, Levi is actually super sweet and a bit reckless. He enjoys talking to people, but due to his looks he often comes off as intimidating which scares off a few potential friends. Despite only having a few good friends, Leviathan is relatively popular. He loves adventure and is surprisingly stubborn.
Appearance: Leviathan’s height and unique eye color are said to be his most prominent physical qualities, excluding his scar of course. He has a straight nose and his mouth is almost always turned up in a smile or smirk. Levi is of a muscular build, although he is not necessarily bulky. He often emits an intimidating and alluring aura, which is heightened by the smirk that he often wears. His black hair is cropped short, with a fringe that hangs just above his sea-blue eyes. His eyes are a unique dark teal blue color and above them are thin and dark eyebrows. Levi is naturally tan with a warm undertone. His typical attire outside of Hogwarts consists of formal but comfortable outfits.
Height: 6’1
-A scar across his face
-Tattoo of an anchor on the left side of his lower back
Fav subject: Astronomy
Patronus: Sea Serpent
Pets: A tawny owl named Garrison
Other/Background: Leviathan grew up without his mother, whom he knew was a siren. His childhood wasn’t easy, accidentally enchanting others with his singing voice, not being allowed to swim with the other children, being bullied by other children for being different. On top of being half siren, his family’s financial situation was not the best. He and his father were often homeless, and when they weren’t, they were stuck living in unsafe buildings and neighborhoods. Levi doesn’t necessarily hate being half-siren and his father was always supportive, but it was never easy. He had gained the scar across his face from a fisherman and refrains from swimming in public places ever since that incident. Since going to Hogwarts, Leviathan has kept it a secret that he is half-siren.


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<details><summary>Percy Jackson OCs</summary>

Name: Oriana Toland

Nickname: Ana

Gender: Female

Age: 15 (can vary in rp)

Height: 5'0"

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Godly parent: Apollo

Weapon: She depends on her archery skills while in battle.

Abilities: Since she is the daughter of Apollo, she is naturally gifted in archery and she is musically gifted. She lacks the healing properties many of her siblings have, although she makes up for it with her other skills. She regularly works on the skills she has, so when shooting with a bow, she never misses her mark. Ana knows how to play the cello, although she no longer plays it for personal reasons. Oriana is very gifted at singing and can often leave many in a trance-like state while doing so. Occasionally she will try to lull monsters into a trance-like state with her musical abilities, but rarely does she attempt this. Ana also has a secret power that she has told no one, but she is able to re-create a small amount of sunlight from her hands, which can burn others and temporarily blind them. Ana is afraid to tell others about this ability, so she strays from using it.

Appearance: Ana inherited her father's golden hair, blue eyes, and tanned golden skin, causing her to resemble most of her siblings. She is naturally petite, although she does have an hourglass frame. She has a c-cup, slight abs, but despite her natural good looks, she is very self-conscious. Her hair is long, falling below her waist and right above her hips. Her hair is naturally soft and thick, although it is rare that you'll ever see her wearing it down. Oriana tries to hide the dark circles beneath her eyes, although she usually fails at hiding them. She has naturally blue eyes, but she lost one of them while making her journey to Camp Half-Blood. Now in her left eye, the iris is solid gold. The eye was gifted to her by an ex from the Hephaestus cabin. The eye works and it is unaffected by the mist and other types of magic. She has many scars caused by her past and she does her best to hide them.

Personality: Ana is very tense and she often is found training and working on her abilities. She is a bit hot-headed, although she does refrain from talking to others. Once others get to know Ana, they learn that Ana is pretty confident in her skills, and she is a fun, adventurous, and determined girl. She gets scared easily and struggles with reaching out to others for help. She is often found by herself and has trust issues.

Backstory: Growing up, Ana had a difficult childhood. Ana never had any friends and she grew up in fear. She did not know her real father, but she did grow up with a step-father. Her step-father was abusive and would regularly beat her, among other things. Her mother never did anything to stop him, and she often helped emotionally and mentally abuse Ana. Having nowhere to go, Ana endured the abuse most of her childhood. Finally, she managed to escape, traveling across the country and eventually stumbling across Camp Half-blood. She fought some monsters along the way, losing her eye in the process. When she was finally in the safety of the camp, she quickly discovered she was the daughter of Apollo. She hasn't seen her family since, and she has difficulty reaching out and befriending others in the camp.

Other: Ana has PTSD, Ophidiophobia, Nyctophobia, Sonophobia, and Insomnia.

Name: Kieran Lahela (Pronounced Key-ron)

Nickname: Kiery (Pronounced Kee-ree)

Gender: Male

Age: 15 (can vary in rp)

Height: 5'2"

Sexuality: Homosexual

Godly parent: Hypnos

Weapon: A fluffy lamb plushie.

Abilities: Kiery has the ability to make others around him sleepy or make others forget things. Sometimes when he is emotional, he can cause several other people to fall asleep. He also has the ability to alter and, in other ways, control memories, although this drains him a lot and causes him to fall into a long sleep afterward. When Kieran is asleep, he has the ability to dream travel (the power to go through other dreams) with anyone of his choosing, although he has never done it. He can also induce nightmares and other types of dreams, but again, he has never done it. Kiery can also create and control poppies, which can release sleep powder from their petals if he wishes.

Appearance: Kiery has soft hair the color of honey, which is naturally straight and fluffy. Due to his narcolepsy, Kieran doesn't even bother to fix his hair from his bedhead. He is small for his age and is relatively thin from not eating as much as he should. He finds eating too much work and often sleeps instead. He has wide caramel-colored eyes framed with long lashes that brush his cheeks. The rest of his features consist of a cute button nose and soft plump lips. He is quite pale and his nose and cheeks are naturally pink.

Personality: Kieran is very shy and can often be found sleeping in his cabin or making plushies in the arts and crafts area of the camp. Kiery is often described as quiet and reserved, although if you know him, he will talk your ear off. Kieran gets scared easily and is relatively emotional. If he is awoken from his sleep, he will be pissed off, and is pretty scary when it happens.

Backstory: Growing up, Kieran's childhood was not an easy one. Kiery never had any friends and was often bullied for his size and sexuality. He did not know his real father and his mother worked hard for both of them as a chef. They had moved from France when Kieran was in 4th grade. He struggled in school because of his frequent naps and came home bloodied almost every day from getting into fights (which he never started and never won). Finally, his mother brought him to Camp Half-blood as a full-time camper. When he was at the camp, it did not take long for him to discover that he was a child of Hypnos. He only has a few friends and likes to stay in the security of his cabin rather than participating in camp activities.

Other: Kieran is able to sleep through almost anything and he also has a tendency for narcolepsy or fits of sleep. He is allergic to shellfish. He has Thalassophobia and does not know how to swim. Kieran is exceptionally talented at ballet and painting! His favorite animal is a sheep.

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Name: Bentlee Draxon

Nickname: Lee or Drax

Gender: Female

Age: 19 (can vary in rp)

Height: 5’6”

Sexuality: Demisexual

Godly parent: Dionysus

Weapon: Water bottles and plants

Abilities: Lee has the ability to curse someone with the symptoms of a really bad hangover (e.g. headaches, drowsiness, vomiting, dizziness, etc.) for a limited time, although if she does this for an extended period, she also experiences such symptoms. She has the ability to turn anything into wine. Bentlee also has the ability to cause and/or cure madness, although this considerably drains her. She can communicate with leopards, tigers, and other big cats with ease. Lee also has the power of chlorokinesis, limited to vine plants, such as grapes and strawberries. She also has the ability to charm speak (while intoxicated). She also has an innate talent for both acting and playwriting, and will often use this ability to get out of trouble or cause mischief.

Appearance: Bentlee has long straight dark brown hair. Her hair reaches the middle of her ribs and is quite soft. Lee brushes her hair, but usually, that’s all she does and she simply leaves it down. She has an athletic build with an hourglass figure, despite her hate for exercise. Bentlee’s eyes are a vibrant violet color mixed with a few different shades of purple. Her eyes are slightly upturned and taking after her father, when enraged, purple flames can be seen in her eyes. Lee was blessed with long dark lashes and her eyebrows are naturally slightly arched. Her brows and nails seem to always be in perfect condition despite Bentlee’s lack of enthusiasm for self-care. She has a small upturned nose and rosebud lips that are often turned into a smile or smirk. Lee is lightly tanned from the sun with a cool undertone. She does not redden or get sunburned easily. Bentlee takes after her father’s fashion sense (iykyk)

Personality: Bentlee has a bit of a dual personality. Lee is usually a laidback girl who goes with the flow. Despite being chill most of the time, she can have dramatic mood swings and expresses her emotions in an extreme manner, often not being able to hold back. Bentlee can often be found lounging around the strawberry fields or partying with other campers, nymphs, and satyrs. Occasionally, she will help around the infirmary. Bentlee does not get scared easily and although she seems to have a laidback attitude, she can get extremely aggressive while fighting. She seems to not have control over her emotions and can be very wrathful at times. While angered she is very brutal and almost blinded by rage. Bentlee can be calmed down, usually by being handed a Pepsi or simply physically restraining her until her mind clears.

Backstory: Bentlee grew up with a neglectful alcoholic mother, not knowing who her father was. Her mother worked as a plumber and they did not have much money, living in a run-down apartment. She excelled in school but and had many friends. Eventually, she had found out that her best friend had slept with her boyfriend. When she confronted her boyfriend, he killed himself. Horrified, Lee ran away and stumbled across Camp Half-Blood. She despises her father and avoids him at all costs. Bentlee hates alcohol and alcoholics because of her mother.

Other: Bentlee is hooked on Pepsi and it is rare that you will ever find her without a soda bottle. Lee is allergic to wool and is terrified of ducks.

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Name: Karly

Nickname: Karly (Karly is his nickname, he hasn’t told anyone his full name or confirmed if Karly is his real name)

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 5’4

Sexuality: Demisexual

Godly parent: Astraeus

Weapon: He is able to create his own weapons out of stardust, but if he uses one for too long, he will burn his hands. His most frequently used weapon is a bow and arrows, throwing knives, and a blade whip (it’s a sword that can be used as a whip, a sword, and a belt too sometimes)

Abilities: When Karly recites an incantation, 88 constellations of the sky come down as spheres and bestow their power upon him. He is then able to aim it at his intended target and releases the energy gathered into a tremendous attack. This usually causes him to go into a coma for about a week though and he doesn’t remember how he learned to use this power. Using this power can also physically damage his body, and 2 of the worst-case scenarios is that he shatters all of the bones in his body, or he dies. Karly is also able to infuse his powers into his stardust made weapons. The weapon changes colors and glows depending on the star that he chooses to draw power from.

Appearance: Karly isn’t sure of where he inherited his unique hair color, but it’s an opaque purple-magenta with some lighter magenta and pink/red highlights. His hair isn’t the thickest, but it falls right about nipple length and is super soft (not too fluffy though). He typically ties his hair half-up half-down with a black ribbon given to him from his best friend. He’s naturally thin and doesn’t gain muscle easily, but he looks pretty healthy. He gained a few healthy pounds after finding camp half-blood, so his ribs aren’t too noticeable now. He has silver-ish golden eyes. Sometimes they’re a bright gold and others completely silver, but typically his eyes are a mix of the two. His lashes are a dark purple, but not quite black. He has a straight nose and straight eyebrows that make up the rest of his features. Karly has a few scars from self-harm, but he is happy and healthy now and he’s comfortable enough that he doesn’t feel the need to hide any of his scars or marks of his body from others. He has several scars and marks from the conversion camp and he also has a scarred brand on his hip. The burned-brand on his skin is at his hip in the shape of a pair of angel wings with Latin beneath it stating "We clip your wings so you can only rely on God to fly". He does have a freckle below his right nipple that is often mistaken for another nipple, but he finds it funny when people think he has a third nipple. Karly almost always has a few burn marks though due to his practice with his weapons. He is super pale, but it’s not that noticeable since most people focus on how he is always sparkling, and when it’s dark, one is also able to see that he glows slightly too. He likes to joke that he’s a future superstar which is why he was gifted with the ability of uncontrollable sparkling. (Think Edward Cullen, but it’s not just in the sun).

Personality: Karly is a goofy and sassy boy, but he can give people whiplash with his mood swings. He can either overthink and be overly cuddly and clingy or he will simply not care about anything and not want people to get too close to him. It can be really annoying to those around him, but that’s just how he is. He also gets really defensive about his taste in caprisuns. He typically hangs around camp at night and refuses to go on the climbing wall because he hates the thought of exercise. Despite this, he is an extremely talented fighter. He likes to hang around the stables because he tries to teach Daithus how to fly and gallop like a horse (it doesn’t really work). He gets scared easily, but he will still do stupid shit, like running at a monster full speed despite wanting to shit himself. He hates nuns and priests with a passion due to his past. He gets snippy and angry easily, but he likes to joke that it adds to his personality and that his humor makes up for it, even though he isn’t really funny.

Backstory: He grew up in a toxic environment at home because his father heavily believed in toxic masculinity and Karly was even beaten for “looking too girly”. When his father found out that Karly liked his best friend of 7 years, he sent him to a conversion camp and after 3 unsuccessful years of that, Karly ran away and found camp half-blood. At the conversion camp, when you're first admitted, they burn their mark into your flesh. Karly was burned on the hip on his right side. A few things happened at the conversion camp that he refuses to talk about, although they include abusive things and rape. After being there for 1-2 years, he was tortured in many ways because it was believed that "abnormality could be beaten out". One of the worst torture methods he had to go through was being stripped, placed in a barrel full of nails, and pushed down a hill. They were small nails, but he could bleed out and he has some scars left on his arms, legs, and back. He could typically protect his stomach, chest, and face, but its still left its mark on him. At his conversion camp, they also thought that blessing lemon juice would clean wounds and the screams from the campers were a good sign of the evil leaving the body. Karly hates lemons because of this and he fears getting hurt because he's afraid that a doctor will clean it out with lemon juice. His third year at that camp was the year where he plotted escaping, and luckily for him, it did work. He doesn't regret killing the workers, nuns, and priests at the camp though. At Camp Half-Blood, he was gifted Daithus, who is the pet that was given to him by his godly parent. He’s not sure of what kind of animal he is, but he resembles a dragon and is still in the “puppy” phase. Daithus is growing pretty quickly and Karly is almost certain that he will grow to be bigger than a horse.
Other: Karly writes poems, but only to complain about how much he hates poems because he thinks it’s ironic. He’s a tad bit on the weird side, and Karly refuses to drink caprisuns with a straw, so no one likes him, but he’s typically a nice person. Karly uncontrollably sparkles and it gets really annoying at night since he also glows slightly. He’s allergic to bees. Karly also carries glitter in his pockets to throw at other people so they can sparkle too. He loves to cuddle Daithus and he will brag about him to everyone all the time.

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<details> <summary>Pirate Characters</summary>
Name: Seireadan
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5
Race: Human
Sexuality: Homosexual
Personality: Seireadan is not very confident in himself and often keeps to himself, although he isn't scared of many things. He likes to be as helpful as possible, but despite reaching out to others to help them, he never seems to feel comfortable enough to join them in friendly activities such as duels and singing sea shanties.
•Water Bending- He has the ability to manipulate water, although he cannot do the same with ice. He cannot change the state of water, but he can change the temperature.
•Healing- He has the ability to heal others with water, but he has to relive the moment they got the injury and feel their pain. It drains him, but he is able to heal any wound (no, he cannot being the dead to life)

Appearance: Seireadan has blonde silky and straight hair. His hair is butt length and exceptionally soft. He has regal features and large, crystal blue eyes. His lashes are long and blonde, and his brows are a light brown rather than blonde. Seireadan isn't the most built guy on earth, but he does have some lean muscles. He has no birthmarks or tattoos. Basically, just look at the image below the character description.
Occupation: Pirate
Hobbies: Braiding his hair, studying the stars, and studying others to learn their habits.
Backstory: Seireadan is a prince who has always loved sailing but he ran away from home because he didn't want to be in an arranged marriage. Growing up, his family was homophobic and he often had harsh punishments for simple things such as reading one word incorrectly in an advanced textbook. He used the sea as an escape often, although his father soon became stricter and Seireadan grew to hate his life in the palace. Seireadan was also put on show like a pet or doll, and despite his natural beauty, the public was harsh and he hates himself physically.
Other/Misc: He can't whistle and he braids his hair to calm his nerves.

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Name: Elakshi
Nickname: El or Ela
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4
Race: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: He is very laid-back and kind, although his confidence wavers considerably when he has to go on land or board another ship (he is unfamiliar with the surroundings and hates having to rely on others during those times). One can often find El hanging around the crow's nest and he loves to joke about how beautiful the view is.
• Good storytelling and even better swordsman-ship. He's never done archery, for good reason, but surprisingly, his sword skills are amazing.
• He also has seer abilities and can "see" into the future, but only briefly and it's usually up to him to translate what the future will be. El complains that it's a useless ability, but he does love having the briefest of moments "seeing" again
Appearance: see images
Occupation: Pirate (born and raised one and will stay one until he dies)
Hobbies: Storytelling, making jokes, and starting playful fights among the crew.
Backstory: Elakshi doesn't really have a tragic backstory, he grew up on the sea and has lived a great life as a pirate. He lost his sight when he was young (nothing traumatic, just natural causes) but he knows the ship well enough that it doesn't matter that he cant see. His biggest issue is with storms when the waves are the worst, but that's about it. He often makes blind jokes and loves it when others do too. El has a strong love for being a pirate and will passionately argue against anyone who badmouths his occupation.
Other/Misc: He cannot read, but he is amazing at storytelling.

purdue alumni

purdue alumni

Name: Akuji
Nickname: Aku (The crew calls him this like a sort of pet name and he never really complained)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 5'2 (yes, with an attitude)
Race: Human
Sexuality: Homosexual
Personality: He is typically very quiet, although some things can trigger him and set him off which induces rage and sadness. He's never told anyone what triggers him because he finds it too difficult to talk about. Aku lashes out at others sometimes, although he never really means to and will later apologize once he's cleared his head. From time to time (about once a month) Akuji falls into a state of withdrawing where he won't speak to anyone, won't sleep, and won't take care of himself. He rarely eats in those times and is nearly mute, but after a few days or a week, he gets back on his feet. Overall, he is a quiet and sad person, although one can sometimes see him crack a smile when the whole crew is together.
• Akuji works with tarot cards, but the cards themselves aren't magic, he is. Aku can reflect the card's meaning on to a person, for example: if he uses the moon card, he can cause people to have illusions, or if he uses the sun card, he grants people happiness. It's only temporary and created his whole deck himself and he's also just really good at playing cards.

Appearance: He is very petite and has many scars and proof of his past suicide attempts. His hair is a very pale blonde, nearly completely white and his skin is just as pale. He has petite features to match his small frame, giving him a beautiful look overall. For the rest, see the image
Occupation: Pirate
Hobbies: He doesn't have any
Backstory: Akuji was a part of a wealthy family until he was about 5. He was kidnapped from his family for about a month before the kidnappers decided to sell him to the black market. He was bought by a slave owner and at the age of six, Akuji was brought to a mansion by the sea. He was there as a slave and a whore to the master, but would often sneak down to the sea, where he met a merman only one year older than him. Despite his wonderful friendship, Akuji had suicidal tendencies up until he was sixteen. He eventually stops trying to end his own life once he begins to date the merman that he had known for ten years. Life seemed to be slightly better for him until his loved one was tortured and killed in front of his eyes. The master hated that Akuji had a relationship with a "half-fish worthless creature" and forced Aku to eat the fish portion of his beloved. Akuji threw up several times while doing so and not long after, he developed an OD and was anorexic. Eventually, Akuji got his revenge and murdered his Master. He freed the other slaves and became a runaway, only to be found by Athena and became a pirate when he was 21. A year hasn't passed quite yet since he became a pirate and so far, no one knows about his past.
Other/Misc: He always wears long sleeves and long pants, and is very thankful that the crew never questions him. Akuji was mute with the crew up until a few weeks ago and has created somewhat of a bond with them. To this day, he still can't eat fish.

purdue alumni

Name: Azazel Nerou
Nickname: Az
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8
Race: Siren
Sexuality: Pansexual (is open to all relationships including asexual and poly ones)
Personality: He is very jumpy and flinches often, although Az is super warm-hearted and confident. Azazel doesn't like to talk about himself but is always happy to listen to others and help them with their own problems. Not letting others help him is also one of his faults though, as he often deals with things way over his head.
Abilities: Azazel's powers are quite bothersome to him most times, but he can be quite powerful. Since he is a male siren (which is very rare) he is able to attract both genders, rather than just men.
• Men and women feel the need to come towards Az and to be near him (he hates it and typically stays on the boat where strangers don't harass him)
• Sirens have a voice that is irresistible to people and this does not exclude Az. He is also able to vocally command people to do anything against their will.
• He is able to transform into a human form, a mermaid form, and a harpy-like form
Appearance: See image for his siren form. In his human form, he is practically the same except for gills and a tail. His skin is very pale and contrasts with his fluffy black hair.
Occupation: Pirate
Hobbies: Az loves to sing (he is extremely good at it as well) He often likes to tease other crewmates with Elakshi for reading, which is a skill the two of them lack.
Backstory: Azazel is a siren, although male sirens are extremely rare, and as a child, he was targeted by siren hunters (hunters who poach sirens to sell them on the black market for large sums of money) and chose run, although he never felt comfortable enough to stray far from the ocean. He met Athena in a bar and was convinced to join her crew, and is currently hiding as a pirate (everyone in the crew knows about his race and is accepting)
Other/Misc: He has a fear of horses and hates helping the crew with anchors or fishing. He also cannot read. It took him a while to learn how to talk, and even though he can speak well now, he does have a weird yet enchanting accent (Az likes to joke that it adds to his charm.) He just likes shiny things and when he is a siren, he is constantly getting hurt by plastic and such.

purdue alumni

Name: Kugo (He doesn't have a last name)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 7'0" when in human form
Race: Merman (His mermaid form is half-orca)
Sexuality: Bisexual but prefers men
Personality: He's calm, happy, and overall a really sweet person, despite his looks. He does love to talk quite a bit!
• He is able to turn into a human and into his merman form. His merman form is large enough to have an entire human fall into his blowhole (weird analogy, I know. But he is really big.) He isn't really good at fighting, but he can capsize enemy ships in his orca form!

Appearance: He's physically fit, but not buff. See picture
Occupation: Pirate
Hobbies: Singing, humming, whistling, talking, and knitting
Backstory: He lived in the ocean most of his life until he was caught by fishers (his tail was speared and he was severely injured. He was taken to the black market to be sold but Athena freed the market and he's stuck with her since to make it up to her.
Other/Misc: He is terrified of mice, insects, arachnids, and other rodents. He's also really clumsy!

purdue alumni

Name: Adonis Withers
Nickname: Perfect (He's just called that a lot, it's not actually a nickname)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Race: Human
Sexuality: Asexual
Personality: Silent, kind, strong, flirty, mysterious, and reliable. He likes to flirt for the fun of it and finds short banters quite cute, although he is not interested in going any further. Adonis isn't one to date due to bad relationships of the past.
• His main skills are small handy ones, such as being able to tie knots and fix sails.
• Compass- He is also basically a human compass and has the ability to give directions to anywhere someone wants to go without having been there himself (as long as it's a real place)

Appearance: see images
Occupation: Pirate
Hobbies: Whittling
Backstory: His past is a secret and no one knows of it. (For some reason, the whole crew agrees that it adds to his charm.)
Other/Misc: He actually has a tattoo on his hip of a hyacinth

purdue alumni

purdue alumni

purdue alumni

Name: Tessa VanBursen
Nickname: Tess
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8
Race: Half-Kraken
Sexuality: Poly
Personality: She can come off as bitchy, but she's just honest. Brutally honest, but that's all there is to her.
• She can turn into a Kraken, but none of that half and half mermaid stuff. She's either human or Kraken.

Appearance: See Image
Occupation: Pirate
Hobbies: Knife Throwing and Darts
Backstory: She was a thief for most of her life, living on the streets and in the ocean. She's been in and out of jail and has been working as a pirate for about 4 years now.
Other/Misc: She and Athena are constantly competing for who can drink more, both being extremely heavy-weight drinkers. She has a sprawl off tentacle tattoos up her back and over her shoulders, also spreading down her arms. The tattoo is actually of a Kraken, but no one sees the body of the Kraken since it's very low on her back.

purdue alumni

Name: Athena
Nickname: Thena
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 5'0
Race: Mermaid
Sexuality: Bisexual (prefers women)
Personality: Thea is typically confident and jokes a lot. She's easy to talk to and Athena is known for being a badass. She has great leadership skills and has the ability (no, not a power or anything) to make people comfortable around her one second and terrified the next.
• Wind Manipulation- She has air bending skills but on a lesser scale. Athena has the ability to create wind and control wind, but no, she cannot fly.
• She also has the ability to change her tail into human legs.
• Athena's choice of weapon is usually two handguns which she can use expertly, although her knife and swordsmanship aren't too shabby.

Appearance: Her hair is a flaming scarlet red and reaches her lower back. It's very bright and eye-catching, so she typically stands out. She usually wears a captain's hat simply because she gets sunburned easily. She is naturally pale, but during the summer, if she's lucky, she can actually manage to get slightly tan! Her eyes are also a deep and vibrant sapphire blue. See Image (ignore the guy in the first one though)
Occupation: Captain of the Syclla
Hobbies: Saving people and recruiting them to join her crew!
Backstory: No one really knows her backstory, but she is quite prevalent in others' past.
Other/Misc: She has a tattoo of her spine going up her back

purdue alumni

purdue alumni


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- I am willing to try any type of RP, just ask. If I am unfamiliar with how you RP, all I ask is that you explain :)
- Do not have one-line answers all the time! I will not have everything left up to me.
- Help move the plot forward! If you find that the RP is boring, just let me know! We can try to fix it, or just ditch it. If I find that the RP is boring, please respect my opinion.
- Cursing is allowed!! If you do not feel comfortable with cursing, please let me know.
- Most importantly, just be respectful.

Out of oc stuff:

-Percy Jackson
-Harry potter
-Yuri on Ice
-Attack on Titan
-Anime in general
-Avatar the Last Airbender
-Legends of Korra
-Devilman Crybaby
-Throne of Glass
-more to appear soon

Hobbies that I enjoy:
-Drawing (both digital and paper)
-Watching Anime
-Rock Climbing
-Hanging out with my friends
-Learning more about Wicca and Witch Craft. (I'm a baby witch)

Random things:
-Godly parent: Apollo and Nike (its always a tie between them)
-Fav musicals: Mean girls, Hadestown, Hamilton, Waitress, Beetlejuice, Dear Evan Hansen, Les Miserables, Jekyll and Hyde the Gothic Musical Thriller, etc

Veronica Howell helped code the stuff for me and helped out a bunch!! (Thanks luv, you're the best! :) ) It is still in progress!!
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