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<details> <summary><font color= blue>Hogwarts Characters</summary>
Name: Addison Flores

House: Hufflepuff

Age: 16 (can vary in rp)

Year: 7

Race: Witch

Sexuality: Bi Curious

Birthday: April 6th

Star sign: Aries

Wand: English oak wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12  1/2" and surprisingly swishy flexibility

Hobbies: Quidditch, gardening, exploring, and flower crown making

Normal appearance: Fluffy chin length strawberry blonde hair that seems to constantly be in her face, although it can be seen pulled back when studying. Vibrant gold-like amber eyes. Soft facial features, including a small upturned nose and thin pink lips. A slim build, when out of uniform can be seen in warm clothing and usually dresses depending on her mood.

Height: 5'6"

~A butterfly on the outside of right ankle

Favorite Subjects: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Astronomy

Patronus: Wolf

Pets: Black Main Coon cat- Mephistopheles (male) {is slightly smaller than the average male, is often mistaken for a short dog}

Personality: Bold, curious, dependable, slightly pessimistic, and a bit introverted

Slight Backstory: Addison came from a large muggle family as one of the middle children. She was often looked over and unnoticed so as her interest in magic grew she was never really questioned. She started looking into Wicca, and got her letter shortly after, happily leaving for Hogwarts. She's uncertain if her family is aware she left, but she knows for sure she didn’t tell a soul. She's been able to figure out most things on her own since arriving, and have only really spoken to classmates she sees on a regular basis.

Other: severe merinthophobia

<details> <summary><font color= purple>Pirate Characters</summary>
Name: Zephirah Miasma Natare
Nickname: Ze is a general nickname, while close friends call her Mia (on occasion)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Sea-maiden
Height: 5’8” on land, about 6’ in length w tail
Sexuality: Pansexual (generally just vibes, loves who she loves)
Personality: Zephirah is a generally energetic person who loves making conversation and being friendly. She is also very determined and will not stop until she achieves her goals, which can sometimes cause her to overwork herself. Ze knows when to be mature and serious, but she heavily enjoys fooling around and teasing others as well.


Black Tide - After years of being in a heavily polluted portion of the ocean, Zephira was able to adapt to the situation and with several experiments, she now has the ability to control oil and some plastics

Transform - Despite being a mermaid Zephira can control when she has a tail or legs, and when she transforms to legs a shark tattoo can be seen on the outer side of her left thigh.

Appearance: (see photo)
Occupation: Pirate
Hobbies: Card games, giving crewmates braids, swimming, and sitting in the sun
Ze is terrified of dolphins for some unbeknownst reason, she also has surprisingly strong upper body strength.

Slight Backstory: At about 10 or 11 years old Zephira went aboard a fishing ship with her father who worked as a fisher, she had no mother so she had no choice but to go with him despite it being highly dangerous. For most of the voyage she stayed in the bunks and out of the workers' ways, until a huge storm hit and waves the size of skyscrapers came crashing down in the sea and against their ship. Like most of the crew, she was thrown overboard.. but luckily survived thanks to her mermaiden abilities. She found herself washed up on an island of trash in the middle of an unknown location of the ocean, with no way to get help and be saved. Zephira lived out 7 years of her life on this island, surviving how she could and adapting to her environment until she took it upon herself to start swimming in one direction without waver. Eventually she reached land, but on what part of the Earth she had no clue. Here she worked and saved up to buy herself a proper ship name The Salutis, eventually gaining her own crew, and embarking on the ocean as a self proclaimed pirate.

Name: Kasar Gurion Volitans
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ with legs
Race: Half lion-fish
Sexuality: Gay
Personality: Kasar is quite sarcastic, humorous, and loud. However, when he isn’t around anyone he knows well he can be reserved and seemingly unapproachable.

Archer - Kasar is exceptionally skilled with a bow and uses the venomous spines on his back as arrows, since they regenerate rather quickly.

Transform - Kasar can transform between his tail and legs, however no matter what state he is in the scales on his face, webbed hands, and spined ears stay the same.

Appearance: (see photo)
Occupation: Pirate
Hobbies: Making bracelets, fishing, casual archery, and cooking
Other/Misc: When he’s nervous, Kasar involuntarily shoots the spines on his back like a porcupine. Kasar also despises when something is stuck on a spine still on his body, for it feels like how nails on a chalkboard sounds.

Backstory: Kasar grew up in a tropical village in a tribe of other lion fish like him. The tribe has customs and traditions, such as the tattoo on his arm he earned for coming of age and the white paint he chose for coming of age as well. Being an archer is also very important in this tribe for Kasar was devoting himself to protecting the village. However, due to pollution and climate change, the coral reef the tribe resided in died and most were captured by poachers. This included all of Kasar’s family. He was about 16 when it happened, and to this day he has no idea why he was spared. But eventually Zephira’s ship found him in the dead coral reef and took him aboard, where he learned from Ze how to transform his tail to legs. He still holds onto the bracelets made by his brothers on his arm, directly under his tattoo.

Name: Rayman Umiko Birostris
Nickname: Ray
Age: 22
Gender: Biologically male, goes by He/they
Height: 5’4”
Race: Man-ta Ray
Sexuality: Demisexual
Personality: Ray is a generally quiet and secretive person, but this has made him very observant. Despite his moody nature Rayman can occasionally be seen genuinely happy around his crew when singing sea shanties and playing cards.

Electricity Manipulation - Similarly to how a mantra ray can use its tail to sting predators, Rayman can control electricity in a small amounts. He can’t create lightning or anything, but he can direct the electricity from his tail and use it as a weapon.

Transform - Like everyone else on the ship, Ray does hold the ability to shift between legs and fins. However, he doesn’t prefer to. Yet if he were to shift to legs his little manta ears and blue marks around his neck and chest would stay.

Appearance: (see photo)
Occupation: Pirate
Hobbies: Cloud watching, observing small details in the ship, and sleeping
Other/Misc: Due to preferring staying as a manta, Ray stays in a large shallow pool on the ship. He also accumulated a variety of fears over time, including swimming unfamiliar deep waters, being touched without warning, sudden aggressive movements (less of a fear and more of a trigger), and authority figures

Backstory: At a very young age, around 3-4, Rayman’s part of the reef was invaded by humans. At his age, Ray looked just like a normal young manta with no hints of being human, hence being brought to a local zoo along the coast. He was originally put into a petting zoo tank until he started maturing 3 years later, and evidently looking more human. At this stage he was taken from the aquarium to an undisclosed location where he underwent a variety of tests and essentially served as a slave meant to give information about his race, all at 6 years old. After 2 years of this borderline torture, Rayman was kidnapped once again and taken to live in a chlorine pool in a backyard, he was shown immense amounts of kindness for at most 2 days. At 8 he was sexually abused for days, his physical and mental health rapidly declining due to the less then suitable living conditions. The chlorine reflected badly on his skin health, as did the unregulated water temperatures and multiple times during this ordeal he had tried to commit suicide. Any attempts at escape however were immediately responded with lashings of a belt, starvation, and total isolation. One day, Ray took it upon himself to act and ended up drowning his capturer. Within the small window he gave himself to escape, Ray escaped the pool and even got out of the area and into the woods. His health managed to get worse as he dragged himself along the forest floor, getting stuck with tree branches, thorns, rocks, and even acorns until he found a river. The water was freezing, but Rayman took advantage of the familiar living standards and threw himself in. Riding the current, facing rapids and small waterfalls, Ray finally got back to the ocean. However, he was basically on the other side of the world for the water was also freezing and terrifying. Nothing looked familiar and he was only 10, he didn’t know where to go but all he knew was that he didn’t want to go back. Ray decided to begin swimming, too terrified of the predators that lurked below to rest, for weeks at a time. He got caught in pollution multiple times during his trek, but eventually Ray found warmer waters. A reef even. He made this place his home and raised himself for 9 more years, barely surviving, until Zephira found him and offered him a home. Ze stayed in this reef until she had built the warm-watered pool that Ray stays in to this day. She even taught him to transform just as she did for Kasar.

Name: Alastor Cassius Incendium
Nickname: Some people have called him Al. Don’t call him Al.
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 6’3”
Race: Human
Sexuality: Asexual-Aromantic
Personality: Gruff, sarcastic, humorous, intelligent, and straightforward

Pyro - Alastor has the ability to create and manipulate flames, however physics still apply and the flames will need some sort of fuel to stay burning for long. However he carries around lighter fuel specifically for this.

Natural Fighter - Alastor is a generally good fighter, he is skilled in all fields and even if he’s introduced to a new style of fighting he most likely picks it up right away. His favorite weapon is a sword.

Appearance: (see photo)
Occupation: Orphan Obliterator
Hobbies: Sparring, scaring children, and reading
Other/Misc: Alastor despises governments.

Backstory: Got bored, burned an orphanage down.


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- I prefer third person Rp, but any type is fine. If the way you Rp is unknown to me I’ll just ask for a small explanation!
- Avoid using one line answers frequently. Nobody should have to carry the rp forward.
- I am completely fine with cursing! All I ask is for no downgrading slurs to be used. If you are not comfortable with cursing, just tell me! :)
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Out of oc stuff:

- Avatar & Korra
- Genshin Impact
- Percy Jackson
- Attack on Titan
- Anime in general
- Ghibli
(More to come)

Hobbies that I enjoy:
• Drawing/Painting
• Guitar
• Sign Language
• Exploring
• Watching anime
• Being with friends
• Softball
• Wicca (less of a hobby and more of a religion tho, even tho I'm a baby witch)
Credit to help: Dalia Taylor helped me out with every step to put my account together and I can’t thank her enough!! <33
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