Betsey Schuyler

an awko taco

oh my gods your full of schist. speaking of which, do you happen to have some dam french fries?

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(from the other side) (sorry, I can't help myself)

It me~


My name: is Elizabeth
My nicknames: are mostly Betsey but feel free to call me any of the other million nicknames for Elizabeth~

My age: hundreds of millennia(but really, you don't need to know)
My gender: is female. she/her

My favorite. . .
Color(s): are purple and red or the rainbow
Food(s): are chocolate, popcorn, mashed potatoes, and croissants(generally speaking, bread)
Things(to do): play soccer, go horseback riding, draw, read, write, sleep, sing, play Just Dance, and be lovably weird(it's a gift)

My sexuality: (why do strangers want to know this?) I'm bi
My relationship status: Single as a Pringle(except Pringles come in stacks. Like, have I been eating the wrong Pringles my entire life??)

More favorites:
Newsies 1992
High School Musical
British peeps
Gilmore Girls
Jason Derulo
Percy Jackson
Harry Potter(who would of guessed?)
The Selection
Gay dudes(seriously. is there anything in this world cuter than a gay couple??)

and yea.
SALUTATIONS(except the opposite) and come back soon!
XOXOXOXOX, betsey~
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