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previously "rossi" and then "cloudy"

this is an account run by an admin, so if you have anything you want to talk to me about, feel free to owl me


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rp rules

❁ If you are starting, don't make me have to do a lot of work to bring my character into it (i.e. don't just say your character is sitting in a cafe and feels a tap on their shoulder or is in the park and hears leaves crunch and I have to work a lot harder to figure out why my character would be approaching a stranger.)

❁ Use good spelling/grammar/vocab. And please lord almighty capitalize when needed. It's not that hard.

❁ If you decide to go for romance, don't assume we want romance out of the rp too

❁ Don't god-mod (don't say what my character does, or how they react or what they do)


❁ Please don't use self-harm in rps

❁ If you post a sucky starter violating any of the above, I may not respond

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