Erin Lowe


Hey, what's up. Is that would kids say? Anyway, I'm a Ravenclaw and have always felt like one, so that's pretty cool. I have a Holly Wood wand.

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Hi, my name is Erin Lowe. Despite being raised by wizards from an early age, I am a muggle born. Sadly, my birth parents abandoned me shortly after my birth. Luckily a wizard family found me and raised me like a wizard, despite the obvious that I was a muggle. Well, I wasn't, because when I turned eight, I turned on a lamp without moving a muscle, which made my parents very excited, so excited in fact that they held a huge party for me, it was pretty embarrassing. At the beginning of September, I got a letter signed by the headmistress herself. I would be going to Hogwarts! I ran downstairs to share the news with my parents, who were quietly cooking breakfast. When they heard the news, they practically jumped out of their pants as my father grabbed some flew powder and handed some to me and mom. My father quickly ran around Diagon Alley, quickly grabbing all the necessary supplies. Then came my wand. I walked into Ollivander's my heart thumping up and down rapidly. He smiled at me as he began grabbing wands. Soon he grabbed one labeled Holly Phoenix Feather, and it was the one. I'm so excited to start school.
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