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Hello I'm Pastel Silver Night, I am a first year Hufflepuff and I'm excited to learn at Hogwarts. My father is Richard Hiccup Night he went to Durmstrang Institute it was where at the tri wizard tournament where he met my mother Crystal Star Night Nee Skeeter, my mother went to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. I have three older siblings Scarlet Dart Night is my older and only sister, Eric Pouncer Night and Alexander Ruffrunner Night are my idiot brothers. My father is the Director of the Dragon Sanctuary on the Galapagos Islands, while my mother is a Herbology teacher in Australia, my aunt is Rita Skeeter you know the most hated writer of the Daily Prophet but around me and my siblings my aunt cares. Scarlet is training to be a herbology and care of magical creatures’ teacher while my brothers are working on their Dragon handler license to work in Romania. My mother got my sister and I into Herbology because she has a greenhouse of plants that she had saved and gotten over the years, my sister leans more towards the harmless plants like Gillyweed and kelp, while I go for all the plants especially the dangerous plants like Venomous Tentacla and Fanged Geranium, but my favorite are my precious Cobra Lily. My mom had a cow ( muggle Reference) when father came home with three dragon eggs, he explained that they had reached the mother too late and she died because of complications and her eggs were abandoned and he begged my mother ( he got on his knees and begged) to keep them and allow myself and my siblings to care for the hatchlings and my mother reluctantly agreed but she had rules for us to be careful and if we couldn't care for them they will go back to the sanctuary. A few years later we have four baby dragons around and we did really good with them even though I was still young I had help since I was only five when the eggs were trusted to us. My sister went to Durmstrang Institute and my brothers just graduated Ilvermorny.

My Wand: Yew wood with a unicorn hair core, 9 ¾" and slightly springy flexibility
My Familiar: A Barn Owl name Astrid and a baby Hebridean Black named Stormfly

Name: Pastel Silver Night
Age: 12
Looks: White hair with strands of silver, blue eyes with hints of gold, pale skin, freckles.
Blood: Half-blood (father Pureblood) (mother Muggleborn)
Half- Old Norse (father side of family)
5 Aunts: Rita Skeeter (mother’s sister), Astrid Night (father’s side), Mala Night (father’s side), Belladonna Night (father’s side), and Maria Night (father’s side).
5 Uncles (who aren’t related to them): N/A

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