Emily Redewood

Curse Breaker

Back, and hoping to finally advance through first year!

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Hogwarts was a big jump from growing up in a little village with far too many siblings, but coming from a mostly magical background - a Witch mother, a Squib father, three magical siblings and two non-magical - at least meant it was largely a comfortable jump. I try to be open about who I am, and reach for my goals as best I can. My family supports me in my studies, even when I stumble, and I hope to make lots of friends while I'm here at Hogwarts!

The post-Hogwarts dream is to become a Curse Breaker, and do difficult and risky but rewarding things while travelling. I imagine there'll be a lot of work between now and then, though...

Failing Defence Against the Dark Arts and Charms in my second year of Hogwarts was tough, but my family and friends rallied and helped me overcome my academic barriers. When I graduated a couple of years ago, it was with N.E.W.T.s in not only Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts, but Transfiguration, Ancient Studies and Ancient Runes as well. I started out with an entry level curse-breaking job at Gringotts, and I'm honestly loving it. I have a lot of fun travelling for my work, and over the summer and holidays when I’m home in the UK I like to pay forward my siblings' past academic help by tutoring Hogwarts students. At work I specialise in Weather Modification Charms and Curses.
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