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Hope to make friends and learn a lot! _________ Main interests: Necromancy, Robotics, Mischief, and Boys...not always in that particular order ;)

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From my father's side, I come from one ancient european wizards house, the Skovar's, who dedicated to study and develop the Dark Art of Necromancy. So far no real success in bringing back the dead, tho.
From my mother's side, I come from an old lineage of mayan sorcerers, who created most local spells used nowadays in Mexico. A spell is called naualotl in náhuatl, the language of Mayan Civilization. Naualotl can also be translated as necromancy, actually.
I lived in Mexico my whole childhood, and then I moved to the USA for college. My father's family moved to Mexico when my dad was a kid, and then met my mother, and then they had me, and then my mom died. I'm an only child.
Yes, I'm very obsessed with that branch of magic. And yes, my goal is to be able to one day bring my mother back. But I'm also obsessed with technology, and I truly believe the great breakthrough will come from a combination of both. I studied in a muggle school and then got a Bachelor and a Master in Caltech university. I majored in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Yup, how to make intelligent robots, whose structure could become a vessel for a person to come back to this realm, maybe.
Everything I know about magic I learned it at home, and since I'm already in my twenties I never hoped receiving a formal education in magic… But then came Hogwart's letter of acceptance! I heard of the school a while back and know Harry Potter and most world famous wizards went there and that it's one of the best, so I decided to apply, and got accepted! I still live in the USA, technically, but only go there for summer and winter breaks to make research at Caltech (gotta pay Hogwarts tuition haha).
I'm super interested in learning formally all about magic, specially Charms, DADA (hope they don't get mad for actually practicing a Dark Art hehe), Transfiguration, Potions, … and I discovered that Astronomy is also cool. I love learning in general.
I also really love everything that has to do with Artificial Intelligence, and I actually believe there has to be a connection between that and Necromancy. I will discover how to combine both disciplines and maybe bring back the dead with a combination of magic and technology.
Hopefully there will be more "old" students like me, since I've heard it's relatively normal for foreigners to receive acceptance letters after they become of age and there are special groups. I'm very excited to learn in formal classes and I know I'll be the very best.
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