Regulus Viridian Fawkes

Student, Author

BORN: 2006, BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood, HOUSE: Gryffindor, WAND: Rowan wood - unicorn hair core; 10 3/4" in length; slightly yielding flexibility

  • Joined April 2020
  • Member of Gryffindor
  • 28 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Philippines


Regulus Viridian Cojuangco-Fawkes (born on November 10, 2006) is a half-blood wizard born to the Fawkes family, the eldest child of Leonard Steve Fawkes (a pure-blood British wizard) and Maria Angeline Fawkes (née Cojuangco; a Muggle-born British Filipino witch). Leonard and Maria met when they were students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Leonard was a Gryffindor, while Maria was a Ravenclaw. Regulus was born and raised in the Philippines during his early childhood but moved to Great Britain when he was six-years-old. His father, Leonard, works in the Ministry of Magic in the Department of International Magical Cooperation, while his mother, Maria, works as a columnist in the Daily Prophet. He is part Filipino on his maternal side. He has two younger siblings, Percival Jonathan Fawkes and Minerva Grace Fawkes.

Like other Fawkeses, Regulus is against the ideology of pure-blood supremacy. He and his family believe that Muggles aren't as different as wizards. Regulus's father was a staunch supporter of the Order of the Phoenix. As Muggle-born witches and wizards were being hunted down during Voldemort's reign of terror in the Second Wizarding War, Maria and her family fled the country for France, where some of her relatives resided.

Regulus was a generally kindhearted boy. He demonstrated great patience and calmness even in situations wherein one is normally inclined to lose his temper. Not only that, but he was also quite courageous and daring, managing to pull a prank on his siblings that might have injured them, if not for Regulus's careful planning to ensure his siblings wouldn't sustain any injuries. Regulus generally gets along with his parents and siblings, having a particularly close relationship with both of his parents.

It took the Sorting Hat nearly five minutes to decide between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, though he was also a strong contender for Hufflepuff House. Regulus really wanted to take after his father and the other Fawkeses tradition of being sorted into Gryffindor, though he wouldn't have minded being a Ravenclaw student.


HOUSE: Gryffindor
WAND: Rowan wood with a unicorn hair core, 10 3/4" in length, and a slightly yielding flexibility
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