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"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." -Albus Dumbledore

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<font face=pacifico> (Student, Author, Animal Lover) Hi, I´m a first year student aspiring to be an author or an auror. I enjoy acting, reading, writing and studying. I'm always open to chat, and work with friends on study sessions! Also, post on my wall if you'd like to RP! Any genre is fine but if romance please keep it PG. Thanks!!!


Name: Rey Jean Nicole Granger (formerly Hermione777)
Stage: First Year
Blood status: Muggle-born
House: Ravenclaw
Gender: Female
Wand: Willow with dragon heartstring, 10 1/2", swishy.
Pet: Kneazle kitten, an adorable baby called Saraya (Though she prefers Ray)
Patronus: Hare
Animagus: Eagle.
Amortentia: Fresh parchment, dewy grass, rosewater, ink, bonfire.
Job aspiration: Author/Auror
Muggle job aspiration: Author/Actress
Quidditch position: None - I just watch XD
Boggart: Failing all my O.W.L.s.
Appearance: Shoulder-length, wavy chestnut hair. Soft blue eyes, average height.
Likes: Harry Potter book/movies, Hermione Granger, Taylor Swift, reading, writing, acting, fair play, helping out where I can, dogs, horses, friends, pets, learning new things.
Dislikes: Bullies, being falsely accused, getting laughed at/mocked, arrogant people, selfish people.
Personality: Shy, outgoing when you know her, intellectual, smart.


The Leaky Cauldron:
Diagon Alley:
The Three Realms (Heaven):
Advertising Group:
Debate Group:
Peculiar High:
The War of the Elements:
S.O.P -Save Our Planet:


Rey was just 7 when her first signs of magic appeared. Since her parents had no idea what it was, they sent her to the doctor to get checked more than once and were kind of afraid of her. When her Hogwarts letter arrived, she had been suspecting it all along, though it was still a bit of a surprise. Her first trip to Diagon Alley was spectacular, and she ended up adopting a kneazle kitten, descendant of Crookshanks, named Saraya. She stayed that day, at the Leaky Cauldron, and departed the next day for Hogwarts, having already read all the course books.
On her first visit to Hogsmeade, she saw the Leaky Cauldron and immediately asked for a job, becoming the Vice-Secretary of the Leaky Cauldron.
She then later applied for being the Head Manager of Diagon Alley, which she won! She is very intellectual but she changes mood like the flip of a switch.
Now she is in her first year, and her favorite courses are: Potions, Transfiguration and Herbology. She finds Charms a little demanding and she just stuggles a LOT with Astronomy. Right now she is studying hard for her midterms, but don't hesitate to owl her to chat or RP, she will be happy for the break.


Charms: Lesson 4
Transfiguration: Lesson 4
Astronomy: Lesson 4
DADA: Lesson 4
Potions: Lesson 5 (midterm quiz pending grading)
HoM: Lesson 5 (92% - O)
Herbology: Lesson 4


Name: Ray Granger
Age: 15
Role: Eagle shapeshifter; lives off scavaging and stealing, usually in human form. A spy and a warrior.
Appearance: In human form, icy blue eyes and crooked smile, pretty and chestnut hair. In eagle form: Brown, majestic, menacing.
Personality: Betrays her looks, cold and menacing, dark and secluded. Vefriends other shapeshifters but doesn't trust easily.
Others: Carries a dagger in her belt, has ripped jeans and a ragged T-shirt. Pwerful kick and punch, stands tall and menacing.

Name: Rachel Granger
Age: 15
Looks: Wavy chesnut hair, very, very, very pretty, blue eyes, slender, wears T-shirt and jeans most of the time blue sneakers and a seductive, casual smile. Slender, average hight, good posture. Wears gold earrings and a small locket.
Personaity: Sharp, seductive, smart, bubbly but shy with new people, intellectual, oddly befriends her complete opposites.
Special Abilitises: Special knack for getting pople to do what she says, eagle Animagus, telepathy and Legilimency. Is also good in Potions.
Gender: Female
Dorm: 3

Name: Emma Miller
Age: 12 turning 13
Magic: Air (very powerful in her magic)
Personaity: Bold, intellectual, fierce and fiesty.
Looks: Dark blue, startling eyes, waist-length strwaberry-blonde hair, wears jeans and T-shirts with a jean jacket over them and has a locket she never takes off.

Name: Taylor, just Taylor.
Age: 16
Magic: Fire
Personality: Feirce, ruthless, unafraid to kill, dark and menacing, trust nobody. Can be marginally calm if you get to know her, don't cross her.
Looks: Striking shoulder length, blood red hair, peircing black eyes, crooked smile, slender, agile figure and pretty in an odd sort of way.

Name: Nobody knows. Everybody just calls her Whisper or Whisp.
Earth: Air
Siblings/parents: Only child, parents were killed by an Earth invasion.
Age: 11
Personality: Shy, says nothing unless she trust, which is not often, hides away to be alone most of the time but complies if they need her help. She can heal anybody, how close or far they are from death, but she uses the power scarcely. She hates the Earth people but will heal them if necessary. To gain her confidence, you have to approach her slowly and talk to her slowly so that she doesn't run away like a scared rabbit. You have to gain her trust gradually, because apart from her healing power, she also has the power of pain. She almost never uses this power but it can get out of control if her emotions get out of hand.
Appearance: Shining blond hair dyed blue at the tips, a gentle smile, a piercing aquamarine gaze, a few light freckles, slightly pale, with a small ornate crown gifted to her after healing the princess and an hourglass-shaped necklace hanging from her neck.
Occupation: Healer for all the worlds. She will never take sides even though she has Air magic.
Skills: She is very smart and observant, and can do impressive things with a bow and arrow.
Elemental Power: Manipulating air (especially to make herself fly) and the odd power of healing and inflicting pain as she wishes.
Lifestyle: Lonesome, quiet and secretive, goes down to the market once every week just to get food.

TIMETABLE: (This is for Rey's personal use, but feel free to take a look!)

Monday: Charms.
Tuesday: Transfiguration
Wednesday: Astronomy
Thursday: DADA
Friday: Potions & HoM
Saturday: Herbology


I am now writing people's backstories! Post on my wall to apply for one!

Owl me if you want to be in a defense association!

I now offer learning sessions. Every 1st year subject! Owl me to attend one!

Come to Diagon Alley for spectacular rides!

Take a look at my book in the library ~ Charms Journal of a Ravenclaw!

MISSING: Caramel colored Kneazle Kitten named Saraya (Ray)

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