Grace Potter


- good student- smart- one year older that her brother, Harry Potter- has a lightning scar on her neck from Voldemort- sister is Harry’s twin

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Grace’s Backstory

I was playing with Uncle Sirius in the living room. He was in his dog form and letting me ride on his back. “Mommy look!” I squealed as Uncle Sirius brought me into the kitchen. Mommy yelped and quickly picked me up from his back. “Sirius! You have to be careful! What if she fell off?!” Sirius morphed back into a human and laughed, “It’s ok Lily, I was very careful.” Mommy smiled and walked back into the living room. Sirius lingered only a bit to snatch one of the chocolate chip cookies that Mommy made. I giggled and he put a finger to his lips, grinning. Daddy got up from his chair and gave Uncle Sirius a hug. “Sirius, we wanted to talk to you about something,” he said. Sirius nodded. “As you know, we’ve made Remus Grace’s godfather,” Daddy began. Daddy picked up the twins, Charlie and Harry, who were on the floor. “We were wondering if you wanted to be the twins godfather?” Sirius gasped. “Of course!” He exclaimed excitedly. Daddy and Mommy laughed. “I gotta go tell Remus the news, I’ll be back in a few!” Uncle Sirius said. He went outside and disapparated. A few minutes passed by and everything was calm. Daddy was entertaining us by making bubbles with his wand. Then Daddy glanced out the window and the blood drained from his face. “Lily, it’s him, he’s here! Take the babies and hide!” Mommy grabbed all three of us and raced up the stairs to the nursery. I heard Daddy yelling and then, nothing. Mommy put us all in the crib and barricaded the door. I was upset. “Mommy, I’m not a little baby anymore, I’m 2 years old!” I said stubbornly, holding up two fingers. Mommy laughed a little and I noticed she was crying. “Mommy? What’s wrong?” Mommy smiled, “Nothing, dear,” She turned around as the nursery door suddenly banged open. A man in a black cloak stood there with a wand in his hands. The twins whimpered and I put my arms around them trying to calm them down. “Stand aside,” a cold, high voice said. “Please not my children, please!” Mommy begged standing in front of us. “Stand aside foolish girl! You need not die, stand aside!” Mommy kept pleading, “Please not my children, please!” “So be it,” the man sneered. A green light filled the room and when it faded, Mommy was lying on the floor, not moving. The man approached us and held out his wand. I tightened my grip on the twins. Charlie had half her face buried behind Harry. Harry was looking at the man straight in the face, no fear. I buried my head down on Charlie’s shoulder and the side of my neck cane into view. “Avada Kedarva!” The man yelled. Another green light filled the room. It faded quickly and when it did the man was gone. I sat there for what must have been hours before I heard movement downstairs. A big man with a hairy beard came up the stairs. He gasped when he saw Mommy. “No, not Lily too,” he said. He picked us up and carried us outside. Uncle Sirius was waiting there. “Uncle Sirius!” I said excitedly wriggling out of the mans grasp to hug his legs. “Is- is it true? Are Lily and James dead, Hagrid?” The man named Hagrid bowed his head. Uncle Sirius picked me up. “Let me take them, I’m the twins godfather and I can take Grace to Remus.” “Sorry, no can do, Sirius, Dumbledore’s orders,” Uncle Sirius sighed, “Ok then, take my motorcycle, I don’t need it,” Hagrid got onto the bike and wrapped the twins in a blanket. He put me in the sidecar and gave me a blanket. I wrapped it around me as the motorcycle rose into the air. A few hours later, we touched down in front of the house. I was feeling very sleepy and stumbled out of the car, yawning and rubbing my eyes. “Oh, the poor thing is exhausted,” a woman’s voice said. I looked up and an older woman looked down on her. She grabbed her hand and led her to a old man. The adults were talking about something but I was too tired to pay attention. I just leaned against the woman’s leg, eyes threatening to close. “She’s falling asleep.” The woman’s voice said. “Yes,” the mans voice said. “We can’t leave her out here, two babies is one thing, but a two year old toddler is another,” The man smiled, “They’ll be fine, Minerva.” The woman sighed and led me to the porch. The man placed the twins on the porch and wrapped me up in a blanket next to them. “Keep your siblings safe,” the man said to me. I nodded and snuggled up to them, finally allowing my eyes to close, knowing those people would be standing over us protecting us.
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